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Archive: July 2019

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  1. Organic Gifts for Kids

    HOrganic Gifts for Kids

    Whether there is a baby or a child to shop for, you know that quality is everything. Cheap or scratchy material can easily irritate the skin and be harmful to their health. As parents, guardians, aunties or uncles, you simply don’t want to risk that. That’s why at Gift Something ...

  2. Popular Baby Gift for the Little One

    HPopular Baby Gift for the Little One

    A new-born baby in the house is bound to bring about a lot of excitement! The joyous celebrations, gatherings, parties and family visits will ensure that the little one is showered with love from everyone. Family and friends love to do their part in welcoming this adorable new family member ...

  3. 2019 Summer Holiday Plan with Kids in Hong Kong

    H2019 Summer Holiday Plan with Kids in Hong Kong

    Now that the summer holidays have rolled around, it’s time to plan some fun activities to enjoy with your kids over the next two months.