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To-do list on Children’s Day in Hong Kong

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Children's Day is a special day worldwide recognized to celebrate children. Although the dates vary in different countries, the ultimate goal is to do something fun with children and to put a smile on their faces. Children's Day is an important day in Hong Kong, and this year, it is celebrated on April 4. So, don't forget to mark it in your calendar and start planning all the different things you can do with your kids.

Non-floral Gifts Ideas this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Come 14th February, and the world will be celebrating the most romantic day of the year. The day to express your heartfelt love and make your loved one feel special.

Spoil her this Valentine's Day at these hippest restaurants

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One may feel it is unnecessary to have a single dedicated day like Valentine’s Day to express and shower our love on our dear ones. However is it harmful to express our dedication and gratefulness to them, for being in our lives and making them worthwhile? Why not make this Valentine’s Day special and treat them to a delicious feast. Take them to some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, and make the evening memorable.

Valentine’s Day: Gifts that all girls want

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Get in the mood for love, Valentine’s Day is round the corner. 14th February, the day dedicated to love, the day to pamper your lady love and gift her the world. Valentine’s day is associated with traditional gift ideas like a dozen red roses, box of chocolates, lovely greeting card, a piece of jewelry and candle light dinner.

Christmas Gift under $500

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The Christmas spirit is in the air and it’s about time to start thinking of what to get for those very special people in your life.

Top 3 Toys Gift for this Christmas

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Christmas is like a dream come true in every child’s eyes.

Decorating the annual Christmas tree at home with shiny baubles and glittery tinsel, spending Christmas Eve preparing all the goods for Santa’s visit, the magical moment of awakening to a glorious white Christmas, the chatter and excitement of gathering with family and friends as they open their presents… it is certainly a holiday they very much look forward to and will remember in many years to come.

Christmas Gift For Him

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It’s the season to be jolly, and what better way to celebrate than to have a great time with that very special guy in your life! It has surely been an incredible year for both of you, a learning experience along with its ups and downs, but most importantly, you created some wonderful memories together.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

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Shoppers get ready! Christmas is just around the corner and we reckon it’s about time to start thinking of glitz, glamour, festivities, and what to get for that very special lady in your life. Whether it’s a heartwarming present for your other half, your mum, sister, aunt, or your female friend from way back in the days, you’d want to get something she would love and appreciate… something that would subtly remind her of you.

Gift For Men

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Choosing a gift for your buddy or friend is a tricky situation. Choosing gifts for the lovely ladies is far easier than picking up something for the Dude. As we all know men are men and they do not like mushy, touchy gifts like the pretty women do. Their choices and likes are very different. Men are humble souls and they prefer things which are practical and usable.

Christmas Lifestyle Gift List 2018

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The secret towards buying a memorable gift is to pick up something which not only looks good, but also serves a good purpose. At the end of the day, when one is showered with a number of gifts on festive occasion, Functionality means a lot as compared to the festive frivolity.

Christmas is just a few months away. Soon the festive lights will be on, the high-street will be bustling with people and Santas will start appearing in front of all the shop windows. Now is the time to sort your thoughts, start planning and thinking about the presents and gift ideas for your darling family, friends and loved ones.

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