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Chinese New Year Gifts

Chinese New Year is definitely one of the most celebrated occasions in Hong Kong!


Who doesn’t love Chinese New Year? Not only do we get to enjoy a longer holiday break, we also get to spend more time with our family and friends, and to take part in traditional customs such as temple visits, the giving and receiving red packets, the lighting of firecrackers and fireworks, and the annual treat to Chinese New Year goodies!


That’s right, you know what we are talking about. Goodies such as the hearty pineapple tarts, crispy egg rolls, fragrant almond cookies and countless more snacks that everyone gets to indulge themselves in during this special occasion. To celebrate Chinese New Year, families usually whip up sumptuous feasts in their homes as well. Therefore, ingredients such as abalone, dried scallops and dried mushrooms as definite essentials for the festive meals.


With that in mind, our Chinese New Year Hampers are perfect gifts to send to your loved ones, friends, even colleagues and business partners during this occasion to convey your well wishes. Our gourmet and fruit hampers make practical gifts that anyone would be pleased to receive, because who doesn’t like to receive a filled basket of treats?


Our exquisite Chinese New Year selection of gourmet hampers features an array of products, ranging from snack products such as biscuits and chocolate, to high-end dried goods, premium tea leaves and choice wine or champagne.


If your recipients are more health conscious, our fruit hampers will are great alternatives, packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants that yields immense benefits for one’s body. Sending one of our fruit hampers would be a wonderful way to wish someone good health during Chinese New Year!


Our vibrant gift baskets will surely make a great addition to any home, especially our exclusive Chinese New Year themed red gift boxes, which can be reused for multiple purposes and on other occasions due to its durability and elegant design.


If you were to face difficulty in choosing between our Chinese New Year Hampers, don’t worry! With our customisation services, you will be able to create the perfect gift basket of your choice together with our meticulous and helpful staff.


Should you have any enquiries or require our assistance in any way, do feel free to contact our amiable staff at (+852) 2730 0885 or (+852) 2730 0839. Alternatively, you can always drop us an email at [email protected]

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