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Experience Gifts


What’s better than giving a tangible gift? The gift of a warm memory is so much better than anything you can hold. This is where our experience gifts come in.

If you’ve never heard of an experience gift, you might be thrilled to learn that they create lasting memories that your loved one will remember for years on end. These gifts come in the form of vouchers, allowing you to present a present at a celebration or holiday. Here are just a few of the offerings available at Gift Something:


Give your loved one the gift of relaxation at a local Hong Kong spa. Include a facial or massage to really encourage a lovely day off.


What’s more relaxing than a spine-tingling massage? Give your loved one a voucher for a massage that relieves stress and tension, all the while creating a relaxing environment that he or she will enjoy from beginning to end.


Can you see your friend sailing through the trees, strapped only to the zipline moving them through the sky? Ziplining is a fantastic gift, and truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many.


Abseiling, also known as rappelling, is the perfect gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life. Give this gift to somebody who is not afraid of heights, but instead finds them exhilarating. Your loved one will love feeling free as they rappel down the side of a dramatic cliff.


Once you have explored all that the land has to offer, it makes sense to go for a dive. Diving underwater is certainly a memory of a lifetime, and your gift can offer somebody the chance to swim with fish and meet new marine animal friends.

Personal European Chef

OIs your friend more of a homebody? Hire a personal chef to come to their home and cook a delightful European meal. Your loved one will enjoy a delicious meal with traditional European favorites they may have never tried before.

Romantic Dinner Cruise

Dinner for two couldn’t be more romantic than on the water. Give your loved ones the gift of a dinner cruise to commemorate a wedding anniversary, birthday, or other special event.


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No matter your loved one’s interests, you can certainly find an experience that speaks to them. From car racing to stress relief therapy, each activity has something new to offer a special person in your life.