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  5. HK$2,000.00 and above (2)
Tea/ Chocolate Option
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  2. W Hong Kong Spa Massage (2)
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  2. Large (2 Stems of Hydrangea) (1)
  3. 10 (1)
  4. 20 (1)
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Celebrate your loved one’s birthday with a lovely bouquet of flowers, making somebody feel extra special. Use Gift Something to send a beautiful arrangement of flowers to celebrate the day of that special someone’s birth, keeping in mind that the blooms you choose say a lot about your relationship.

No matter how old your loved one will be this year, they surely love to receive gifts. Allow them to truly embrace this beautiful gift with the help of Gift Something.

Our top picks for birthday floral arrangements include:

  • Red Roses with Vase - Surprise a special someone with roses in this lovely bouquet, which comes with seasonal foliage and lush blooms. It is great for Mom or another important woman in your life.
  • Mixed Tulips Bouquet - Tulips is a cheerful flower meant to evoke joy. This arrangement includes lovely colors and majestic foliage that creates a detailed gift for sister, mom, dad, aunt or brother.
  • Pink Roses Only Bouquet - The delightful color of these roses makes it a great choice for a romantic birthday or a relative you appreciate. This bouquet comes with choices of 12 or more gorgeous stems. You can also add a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne to add an extra special touch to the gift.

  • Send Perfect Flowers from Gift Something

    Gift Something offers excellent florists and beautiful bouquets you are not soon to forget. The lucky birthday boy or girl will love your celebration of their life with beautiful flowers. Each of our birthday arrangements is made fresh, ready for the recipient to adore. The birthday recipient will enjoy anything from luscious tulip blooms to adorable carnations.

    Order Birthday Blooms from Gift Something

    Gift Something offers an arrangement of birthday bouquets that are easily ordered online for the big day. Our website is useful for tracking your order, and we make ordering as simple as possible. You can make this year’s birthday gift extra special with our bouquets.