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  1. Kikkerland Romance Kit

    Kikkerland Romance Kit

    Be at the height of a romantic evening with this vintage, exquisitely-designed romance kit. This beautiful box contains just the things you need to ensure that your perfect date goes nice and smooth, and is guaranteed to put you in the right mood. Includes a tealight, two sticks of alluring scented rose incense, one brass incense holder and six silk rose petals. Learn More
  2. Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Candle

    Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Candle

    With peony, cedar and rose odor, this hand poured aromatic candle can create a cosy atmosphere and ideal for perfuming your room. Its beautiful package and design makes it the perfect gift for any occasion to remind your loved ones to relax. Learn More

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  3. Men's Society Prosecco Lover's Kit

    Men's Society Prosecco Lover's Kit

    For those who love their glass of Prosecco, this is just the gift for you. The elegant marble packaging encases two Prosecco glasses and edible glitter for that extra glam and glow. The set is heavily inspired by the British and their love for High Tea, and so, features the aromatic Earl Grey and Hibiscus infusion packs. You will also find two coasters with words of encouragement printed on them. A tasting notebook and pencil is also included. Learn More
  4. Men's Society Party Season Survival Kit

    Men's Society Party Season Survival Kit

    This little tin box of delights is perfect for the party-goer! After a night - or nights! - of fun, partying and maybe just a little too much dancing, all he needs is to wind down and rejuvenate himself with these amazing items. Freshen up with the toothbrush and toothpaste, followed by a wonderfully luxurious bath. If needed, take a lovely afternoon nap with the sleeping mask to re-energise and don't forget to put on the eye cream to hide those dark circles. Learn More
  5. Thinking Kits Princess Magnets

    Thinking Kits Princess Magnets

    What is the favourite of your girls? Definitely princess! This princess magnets set contains over 50 princess magnets and 6 fantasy play scenes. You should send this perfect kit to your lovely girl who is the super fan of princess. Learn More
  6. Men's Society Jingle My Bells Kit

    Men's Society Jingle My Bells Kit

    If you're looking to spice things up this Christmas with your partner, this cheeky romance kit is perfect for you! Bring a totally new meaning to the term "festive fun" and enjoy the items in this discreet little tin box. Give each other a sensual massage with the the oil included and pucker up for a kissing session with the natural kissable lip oil. This kit also includes feathers, a ribbon and an eye mask for a truly special night. Learn More
  7. Kidz Labs Volcano Making Kit

    Kidz Labs Volcano Making Kit

    Volcanic eruption is one of the most dangerous and magnificent natural disasters. This great science set shows you how to make the volcano with the plaster and mould provided. Use the vinegar and baking soda to make eruption happened and it can be repeated over and over again! Let's explore the awesome power of volcanoes. Learn More
  8. Kikkerland Ora French Press

    Kikkerland Ora French Press

    This cork stoppered device is perfect for aromatic hot beverages as it keeps the drink warm while it ensures that your hands are cool. Enjoy your tea by slowly pouring hot water over tea leaves and relishing in the aroma of fresh tea. Pour out the tea conveniently through its spout for a truly divine experience. Equally enjoy a fresh cup of coffee by repeating the same process with ground bean, using your Ora French Press. Learn More
  9. AR Floor Puzzle Unicorn

    AR Floor Puzzle Unicorn

    After you have completed the play mat and assemble the 3D puzzles, you can use the app to scan the unicorn and accessories puzzles and bring the unicorns to life with AR technology. Just interact with these lovely unicorn and share the photos or videos with your friends and family. Learn More
  10. KidzLabs Crystal Science

    KidzLabs Crystal Science

    Let's make thousands of beautifully colored crystals! Your children will have tons of fun watching the crystals grow right in front of their eyes. It can decorate your kid's desk. Don't forget to handle crystals with care as they will break to pieces if they fall off a shelf. Learn More
  11. Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Fragrance Diffuser

    Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Fragrance Diffuser

    This is an oil-based fragrance diffuser without alcohol but enriched with natural essential oils, which lead to a relatively slow evaporate and make it more long-lasting. The noble red glass is designed and hand blown by glass artist from Portugal that is exclusive for Castelbel. Learn More
  12. Castelbel Portus Cale Rosé Blush Body Lotion

    Castelbel Portus Cale Rosé Blush Body Lotion

    This body lotion offers a fresh scent, along with a lightweight texture. Take care of your skin with this fantastic lotion, which also includes vanilla and sandalwood. This lotion absorbing quickly to leave you with fantastic skin. Learn More

    Out of stock

  13. Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer

    Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer

    Have a great refreshing beverage throughout your day with this easy to use Kikkerland coffee drip cold brewer. Place the grounds and water into the correct compartments, seal it and place it over your favourite coffee glass or cup while the coffee brews for four hours. The apparatus is easy to set up and the tear-drop glass shape makes cleaning very convenient, leaving you hassle-free at all times. Learn More
  14. elegant_baby_bathwraps_princess_mousie

    Creative Crafts Glow Friendship Bracelets

    This kit lets young ones make colorful friendship bracelets the easy way. Use one wheel can braid two types of glow-in-the-dark bracelets: flat and round! Create your own special colourful shimmer with your best friends! Learn More
  15. Castelbel Portus Cale Aqua Diffuser

    Castelbel Portus Cale Aqua Diffuser

    This exquisite fragrance diffuser from Castelbel combined fruit, herbal and floral, which has a long-lasting perfumed effect. Your room will smell nice all day long. The design of the glass vessel is based on marine world with star fish and coral. It will be a perfect gift for someone who loves the sea and summer! Learn More
  16. Ototo Design Grizzly Hot Pot Trivet

    Ototo Design Grizzly Hot Pot Trivet

    Are you looking for a safe trivet to set down your sizzling pot, a good old fashioned grizzly rug is always the best option. This grizzly hot pot trivet is made up of high quality silicon. It is 100% food safe, Dishwasher safe and also resistant to hot boiling water. It has been artistically designed by the Design Awarded Studio OTOTO. Learn More
  17. 3D Scratch Map

    3D Scratch Map

    Scratch Map is a gold foil coated globe of the world. You can scratch off the country or place where you've travelled, once it is scratched a colorful map with the places geographical detail is revealed underneath. It arrives in a compact flat packed which is easy to assemble. It is an excellent gift for someone who is travelling for a holiday. And yes it’s a wonderful way to show off to all your friends of all the places you have visited. The map is printed on 100% recycled card stock which can be assembled into a globe without using any glue. Learn More

    Out of stock

  18. Korean Hot Stone Massage

    Korean Hot Stone Massage

    Although work is busy, don't forget to treat yourself better! Through this professional massage experience, you will get a deep relaxation, eliminate the pressure of your work on weekdays, and regain your ease in a busy life. Learn More
  19. Private Canyoning Experience For Four

    Private Canyoning Experience For Four

    Canyoning is an activity that trekking along the stream, swimming, climbing and scrambling on boulders, abseiling down waterfalls and more. We will take you to one of Hong Kong’s most pristine streams to experience it in all its rugged beauty. It is adventurous and you will not disappoint! Learn More
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  20. Fred & Friends Ouch Voodoo Pin Holder

    Fred & Friends Ouch Voodoo Pin Holder

    Bring all those little notes and clippings under your control! Hex the paper mess with Fred's OUCH! Voodoo doll pin holder. This cute little white voodoo doll is pinned with 25 red-tipped pins to help you sort your mess. The pin holder is made of soft BPA-free TPR and can make a cute addition to your work table Learn More
  21. Castelbel Hand & Body Wash + Body Lotion set

    Castelbel Hand & Body Wash + Body Lotion set

    This set provides two highly moisturizing products with long lasting fresh fragrance. The Hand & Body Wash leaves your skin clean, fresh and supple. While the body lotion nurtures the skin and keeps it moisturized and smelling fresh. Learn More
  22. Kikkerland Mini Karaoke Microphone

    Kikkerland Mini Karaoke Microphone

    Feeling the passion for karaoke on the go? Now you can belt out to all your favourite songs with this mini karaoke microphone. Weighing just 36.5g, this little gem is perfect for anyone who loves to sing, wants to practice in their own time or even just to have a laugh with friends. Simply download the app, plug the microphone into your headphone jack and you're all set to go! Learn More

    Out of stock

  23. Kikkerland Ora Tea Cup Set

    Kikkerland Ora Tea Cup Set

    With this wonderful tea cup set, you can now sip your tea in comfort! As well as looking stylish and minimalistic, this set of two cups offer so much more. The innovative double walled glass design of the cups will help keep your tea deliciously hot while ensuring that your hands are cool. Perfect for tea-drinking all year round with a friend and a good long chat! Learn More
  24. Kidz Labs Spy Science

    Kidz Labs Spy Science

    Having fun of being a spy! This kit includes all the common secret codes used in the spy world. Train up yourself and send your secret words to your friends, just like what a real spy do! Learn More
  25. Eco-Engineering Solar Rover

    Eco-Engineering Solar Rover

    It is perfect for a young scientist who is interested on mechanics and alternate energy sources. Place the solar rover under sunlight and it moves around without battery. Your child can make their own unique solar rover with a recycled soda can. Learn More

    Out of stock

  26. Fred & Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Fred & Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers

    If you know somebody who loves Russian nesting dolls, this is going to be a real treat. The salt and pepper containers nest to create one cohesive item, taking up less space on the table. The salt and pepper will look as good as they taste. Learn More
  27. Luckies Message Rolling Pin Gift Box

    Luckies Message Rolling Pin Gift Box

    Bake with attitude using this Message Rolling Pin gift set! A contemporary take on Grandma’s traditional wooden rolling pin, this set offers three interchangeable silicone wraps with an exclusive message on each one. Whether you choose ‘Secret recipe’, ‘Bite me’ or ‘Made with love’, you are sure to get your message across with your new batch of cookies. A perfect gift for enthusiastic bakers. Learn More
  28. Luckies Eric The Memo Elephant

    Luckies Eric The Memo Elephant

    Do you have a friend who could never keep up with their schedule? Or a sibling who could never remember an important event? Perhaps you’re the forgetful one? Eric the Memo Elephant is here to help! Not only will this little ceramic guy wait patiently while you jot down your notes all over him, he can also hold your pen in his trunk and a cloth on his tail for you to easily clean and start again later. Learn More
  29. Luckies Stamp Map

    Luckies Stamp Map

    Make room on the wall for this vintage, copper foil, kraft board poster. It comes with 2 brass stamps and different coloured ink pads for you to indicate your next destination with an ‘X’. Alternatively, the places you have been to can be marked with a ‘Visited’, and you can even write the date down on it for the record. A delightful gift for all globetrotters, this elegant map is an innovative way of keeping track of one’s travels. Learn More
  30. Luckies Scratch Map

    Luckies Scratch Map

    For all those with wanderlust, this is the ultimate gift for you! Layered with a beautiful gold foil, this map can be hung on any wall as a proud display of your journeys. Explore the world and scratch off the gold foil to reveal colourful details about this giant rock we stand on. Consider it as a gift to an aspiring adventurer you know of, or that one overly busy person who never have time for holidays but would love to go… or perhaps for yourself to keep track of all your glorious travels. Learn More
  31. Fred & Friends Muffin Tops

    Fred & Friends Muffin Tops

    If you spend time baking in the kitchen, you know how much more fun it can be to create visually stimulating treats. Now, you can make your muffin tops look like muffin tops. You’ll love cooking these fun treats, and your friends and family members will love eating them. Let’s take your baking to the next level with this set of four silicone baking cups. Learn More

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  32. Sting In The Tail Traditional Lavender English Organic Soap

    Sting In The Tail Traditional Lavender English Organic Soap

    How much relaxation can you achieve with 110 grams of organic lavender soap? Quite a bit, actually. This soap, made with essential oil for fragrance, was created in England. Add a ceramic soap dish as an added bonus. Learn More

    Out of stock

  33. Fred & Friends Lip Sticks

    Fred & Friends Lip Sticks

    Learning how to use chopsticks is already difficult enough on its own. This set of training sticks combines fun with functionality. This hinged chopstick design is great for children, teaching them how to keep food from falling down. These sticks are made of silicone, making them easy to wash. They are also dishwasher safe. Learn More
  34. castelbel_ambiente_soap_lavender

    Castelbel Ambiente Soap

    The finest soaps by Castelbel that captured the most unique fragrance of the aroma of Portuguese hills. Here you could choose between the relaxing Lavender scent, refreshing Verbena scent, the fruity Pomegranate scent or Orange Blossom scent which will bring you to a Portuguese country garden. They also contain the best vegetable oils that gently nurtures and cleanse your delicate skin. All hand crafted and wrapped to ensure the best quality. Learn More
  35. Castelbel Tile Soap

    Castelbel Tile Soap

    This Castelbel Tile Soap collection has provide you three options of scent, Olive Leaf & Green Tea, Lavender & Chamomile and Ginger & Orchid. They are all wrapped with special packaging which replicates traditional portuguese tile. All hand wrapped in paper decorated with a satin ribbon and a small ceramic tile.All soaps are luxuriously fragranced and combined with nurturing vegetable oils that will gently cleanse your skin and leave your skin with a beautiful scent. Learn More
  36. Castelbel Fragranced Hand & Body Wash

    Castelbel Fragranced Hand & Body Wash

    Every Castelbel's fragranced body wash is crafted with maximum perfection and individually wrapped to give every product a luxurious finish. It leaves your skin softly and perfumes the body all day long. Learn More
  37. Queen of Pink

    Queen of Pink

    This gift box is ideal for your pink lady. All pink items are elegantly arrived in our square gift box. Pop open the bottle of Moet & Chandon with your loved ones and enjoy a romantic night. Learn More

    Out of stock

  38. Castelbel Portus Cale Floral Toile Hand Cream

    Castelbel Portus Cale Floral Toile Hand Cream

    If you are always on the hunt for soft hands, or you want to find the perfect hand cream to gift to somebody special, this Castelbel Portus Cale Floral Toile Hand Cream is a fantastic choice. Say goodbye to heavy, oily hands! Learn More
  39. Compagnie de Provence Wild Rose Liquid Marseille Soap

    Compagnie de Provence Wild Rose Liquid Marseille Soap

    If you are a fan of essential oils, you will fall in love with this Campagnie de Provence soap, which offers scents of musky woods and fresh citrus. This soap contains natural glycerine but no animal products or artificial colors. It is completely hypoallergenic too. Your senses will fall in love with this floral fragrance, which is sweet and fresh on your hands for hours to follow. It is a great addition to the bathroom or kitchen. Learn More
  40. Le Père Pelletier Rose Pillow Spray

    Le Père Pelletier Rose Pillow Spray

    Didn't sleep well at night? This rose pillow mist can comfort your soul and lull you to sleep. You will definitely have a sweet dream by spraying it on your pillow or bed sheet. Learn More
  41. Men's Society Whisky Lover's Kit

    Men's Society Whisky Lover's Kit

    An ideal gift for a whiskey connoisseur, this kit comes in a beautiful marble packaging. Whiskey is best enjoyed with a good companion, which is why this kit features two whiskey tumblers, a set of whiskey cooling stones to keep the drink cool without being diluted, and two coasters with words of encouragement printed on them. You will also find a tasting notebook and pencil and a tasting guide bookmark to document all your drinking discoveries. Learn More
  42. Compagnie de Provence White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap

    Compagnie de Provence White Tea Liquid Marseille Soap

    This Compagnie de Provence soap is made with vegetable oils in a cauldron before it is delivered in this simple but attractive bottle. This mild cleanser is strong enough to remove oils and dirt, all the while leaving you with smooth, soft skin. Learn More

    Out of stock

  43. Mullein & Sparrow Mini Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Mini Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

    Our Mullein & Sparrow Mini Pink Himalayan Bath Salts act as the perfect agent for soaking in the tub. Plus, you can present the salts in this lovely container as a display piece. It will provide you with a lovely reminder that you need to take some time to unwind. Learn More

    Out of stock

  44. mullein_sparrow_rose_bath_salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Rose Bath Salts

    Do you have a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas gift to send? Our Mullein & Sparrow Rose Bath Salts are the perfect addition to the relaxer’s repertoire. Not only do they inspire rest and calmness, but these rose bath salts also provide your recipient with an excuse to sit in the lap of luxury. Don’t forget how simple but elegant the container will be on display. Learn More

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  45. Mullein & Sparrow Mini Facial Mask

    Mullein & Sparrow Mini Facial Mask

    This Christmas or other special holiday, honor somebody special with the opportunity to look as fantastic as they feel. Our Mullein & Sparrow Mini Facial Mask provides your gift recipient with a relaxing experience most only dream of having. Your loved one will truly feel as if he or she is visiting a spa instead of their very own bathroom. Learn More

    Out of stock

  46. Le Père Pelletier Soap Flakes in Jar

    Le Père Pelletier Soap Flakes in Jar

    Soap flakes offer a fantastic alternative to harsh cleaners you might find yourself concerned about using in certain circumstances. Arriving in a tidy jar, the recipient of your gift will adore the contemporary, sweet design. These flakes are fantastic for hand washing your delicate clothing, but there are many more uses. The flakes are also perfect for taking a bath. Your skin will feel smooth and soft. Learn More
  47. Kikkerland Password Keeper Book

    Kikkerland Password Keeper Book

    Why do you need this? In the age of the hacker, this password keeper lets you create unique and difficult passwords for each website and log in with ease! Stop writing your passwords down on sticky notes, get this password keeper and change your online log in experience forever! Learn More
  48. Sting in the Tail Fish Soap on a Rope

    Sting in the Tail Fish Soap on a Rope

    Whether you have a friend who collects rare soaps or you simply adore giving your friends odd gifts, this soap offers quite the conversation piece.
    This soap on a rope, shaped like a fish, actually hails from Holland. This gift is sure to make bathtime a bit more fun. Learn More
  49. devilla_lisbon_towel_set

    Devilla Lisbon Towel Set

    This towel set will be surely be one of your favourites! They are 100% made with cotton and will make you feel more comfortable than ever. They are also better for those prone to allergies or skin irritations. The manufacturer, Devilla Home Textile has captured the beautiful elements of Lisbon and created this beautiful set of towels in Portugal. The design is simply full of sophistication and elegance.These towels are also Linen Jacquard Terry towels, which makes them so lovely and sophisticated. We offers options of individual items as well as a set a 4. We can assure that you feel more than great drying with these towel after a nice bath. Learn More
  50. devilla_berlin_towel_set_1

    Devilla Berlin Towel Set

    This towel set is designed by Devilla Home Textile and they have used the special engineering to make these wonderful towels. They have the perfect combination of cotton and linen to create a very soft and absorbent towel set. User will enjoy drying with these towels and feel fresh. We offer individual items as well as a set of 4, and we hope that you will feel great after a nice bath. Learn More

    Out of stock

  51. Mullein & Sparrow Mini Rose Bath Salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Mini Rose Bath Salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Mini Rose Bath Salts offer plenty of luxury in a small package. This adorable bottle of bath salts does more than look good on a shelf. Pouring just a small bit of the salt into your bath is enough to turn it into a luxury spa experience. That makes this bottle of bath salts the perfect gift for a birthday or Valentine’s Day. Learn More

    Out of stock

  52. millein_sparrow_lavender_bath_salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Lavender Bath Salts

    There is no denying the relaxation that a lovely scent can provide you with. Our Mullein & Sparrow Lavender Bath Salts are part of the evidence. Lavender is mellow and low-key, all the while helping you relax for sleep. When poured into the bath, these salts engage all the sense to provide you with a fantastic retreat from the stressors of everyday life. The bath salts arrive in a lovely glass bottle. Learn More
  53. castlebel_floral_diffuser

    Castelbel Floral Toile Fragrance Diffuser

    The Floral Toile fragrance in the diffuser is a mix of Pink Lily and White tea, which will create a classic and graceful floral scent in the room. The diffuser has also got a French toile design of black and white that gives it a elegant and mysterious hint. Learn More
  54. Mullein & Sparrow Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

    Our Mullein & Sparrow Pink Himalayan Bath Salts turn your regular bathing routine into a relaxing experience. As the perfect present for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other celebration, these bath salts are luxurious and warm. The salts are also beautifully decorative, offering a great look for your bathroom. Your next bath will be as delightful as it is calming. Learn More
  55. millein_sparrow_mini_lavender_bath_salts

    Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lavender Bath Salts

    Sometimes a small bottle sends a big message. Our Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lavender Bath Salts provide you with a feeling of relaxation. Pour some of the salts into the bath and reap results of hours of relaxation. These bath salts come in a mini bottle that looks lovely on display. This makes for an excellent present for somebody who could use some help winding down. Learn More
  56. Spa L’OCCITANE Body Massage And Facial Treatment

    Spa L’OCCITANE Body Massage And Facial Treatment

    Massage, facial treatment and a light refreshment in Spa L'OCCITANE is definitely all you need after a busy day. Learn More
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  57. Romantic Dinner Cruise for Two in Hong Kong

    Romantic Dinner Cruise for Two in Hong Kong

    How often do you get to sneak away for a romantic dinner? When was the last time Mom and Dad got to celebrate their anniversary in style?

    Give the gift of a romantic dinner cruise for two to show somebody that you care.
    Not only will you enjoy a fine meal, but you will also take in the sights of the city surrounding you as you feel the gentle breeze off the water. Learn More

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  58. Discover Hong Kong Helicopter Tour for Two_1

    Discover Hong Kong Helicopter Tour For Two

    Do you often imagine yourself exploring Hong Kong from the skies? Sometimes it simply takes a new perspective to see your region in a new light.

    With this voucher, you and somebody special will take to the sky, seeing Hong Kong on a personal helicopter tour. You will recognize many of your favorite buildings from afar, but you will also have the opportunity to see some new sights as well.
    This makes for quite an adventurous (and romantic) gift.

    Learn More
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  59. Hypnotherapy Experience

    Hypnotherapy Experience

    Life is stressful, and everybody knows that. That’s why this is stress relief hypnotherapy session is such a fabulous gift.

    It’s the gift of having all that stress lifted away. Hypnotherapy has been beneficial to thousands in the past, even helping some people to quit smoking.
    Could this be the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to unnecessary stress? Learn More

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  60. W Hotel Spa Massage

    W Hotel Spa Massage

    Few things feel more relaxing than a splendid massage after a long, stressful day. Do you know somebody who could use a break?

    The W Hotel offers luxurious massages that will leave you feeling calm and whole at the end of the day.
    You can also order this voucher for somebody special, showing that you pay attention to their needs. Learn More

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  61. castelbel_portus_cale_gold_blue_soap_in_container

    Castelbel Portus Cale Gold & Blue Soap in Container

    A delicate fragrance blend of pink pepper and jasmine combined with a modern Portuguese design creates a classically elegant range. Castelbel's soap has high durability and pleasant fragrance, which makes it a great gift for wedding and housewarming party. Learn More
  62. Powerbeats 3 Wireless

    Powerbeats 3 Wireless

    Need wireless earbuds for your Bluetooth device? Powerbeats work with iOS and other devices within a 30-foot range. The battery lasts six hours, but the real treat is the lightweight design, which allows you to work out while listening to your favorite music. Plus, Powerbeats 3 Wireless are totally resistant to sweat and water. You can also take your phone calls hands-free, giving you control over how you talk. Learn More
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  63. dyson_fluffy_cordless_vacuum (1)

    Dyson Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    No matter what you are trying to clean from your floors, it is helpful to know that Dyson is always there for you. With a V6 digital motor and dual power mode, you can easily run this vacuum cleaner for six minutes on high without interruption. When completely charged, the vacuum operates for 20 minutes on the low setting. Cleaning becomes easier with the included eight tools designed to help you create clean, soft carpeting. Learn More
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  64. FUJIFILM Instant Camera - Mini 50s

    FUJIFILM Instant Camera - Mini 50s

    If you are looking for a simple camera that is easy to transport and use, you will appreciate this Fujifilm option.
    In addition to offering an auto flash with built-in intelligence, you also have the opportunity to use the self-portrait timer to make each selfie picture perfect. This camera also comes with a close-up lens to ensure that you capture all those memorable moments. Learn More
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  65. Alessi "Fatman" Folding Cake Stand

    Alessi "Fatman" Folding Cake Stand

    Beautifully designed and crafted this multi-tier cake stand opens up as an elegant serving stand for your cakes and tarts. When stored the cake stand serves as a decorative item with its colorful circus design and harlequin pattern resembling a clown outfit. Learn More
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  66. Thinking Kits Unicorn Window Paints

    Thinking Kits Unicorn Window Paints

    You can create your own incredible artpiece of unicorn on your window and turn your room to be a vibrant world! Learn More
  67. ceramic_tumbler_tom_hopkins_gibson

    Ceramic Tumbler by Tom Hopkins Gibson

    These handmade tumblers are sure to delight somebody special in four different colors and a wood grain graphic print.
    The cups measure 5 by 11 centimeters, making them the perfect size for drinking. Plus, they make a great gift for easy display. Learn More
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  68. ceramic_tumbler_tom_hopkins_gibson_yellow

    Ceramic Vase by Tom Hopkins Gibson

    Display flowers proudly in a vase simply made to grace your shelves with sophistication. Your guests will take notice of the wood grain effect, which meshes well with virtually any type of bloom you choose to display. The shape and color pull the entire room together. Learn More
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  69. panasonic_bread_maker

    PANASONIC Bread Maker

    The Panasonic Bread Maker does everything you need to create delicious bread at the push of a button. It kneads, rises, mixes, and bakes your ingredients. This bread maker is equipped with several helpful tools, including a heat reflex mirror. Additionally, it even dispenses yeast and other ingredients on its own. This saves you plenty of time and effort, and you don’t have to limit yourself to bread. You can also cook plenty of delicious desserts and control the color of the crust. Learn More
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  70. fujifilm_instant_share_smartphone_printer

    FUJIFILM Instant Share SP-1 Smartphone Printer

    Do you miss the days of being able to have your pictures printed for viewing or display? There is no need to say goodbye to hanging photos on your wall, especially with Fujifilm. This smartphone printer allows you to have your favorite JPEG images in a matter of seconds. This device also works wirelessly with your tablet, whether you operate on Android or iOS. You will love having new pictures to display on your wall, and you do not even need to leave the house to pick them up. Learn More
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  71. bread_house_2_re

    Legnomagia Bread House

    Made of sustainable materials like beechwood from Italy, this bread house offers a delightful ornament for any dining room or kitchen.
    Measuring in at 28 centimeters tall, this is a adorable centerpiece for display, especially during the holiday season when guests gather around. Present this gift to a host or friend who loves gatherings. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$2,179.00

    Special Price HK$1,099.00

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  72. Legnomagia Sardine Trivet

    Legnomagia Sardine Trivet

    This natural beechwood and maplewood trivet is perfect for the fisherman in your life. This trivet protects any surface from hot items and is made of sustainable materials from Italy, making it an eco-conscious gift.
    This gift is perfect for holding pots and pans for serving -- ideal for a housewarming party. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$520.00

    Special Price HK$259.00

    Out of stock

  73. Legnomagia Wooden Fish Trivet with Leather Strings

    Legnomagia Wooden Fish Trivet with Leather Strings

    Made of natural wood, this Legnomagia gift is the perfect option for the fisherman in your life, whether it’s dad, your significant other, or a special friend.
    This fish trivet is actually made from sustainable materials in Italy, making it the great gift for your eco-conscious friends. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$536.00

    Special Price HK$269.00

    Out of stock

  74. Alessi "Juicy Salif" Citrus-Squeezer

    Alessi "Juicy Salif" Citrus-Squeezer

    A truly iconic design by Italian designer Philippe Starck this citrus lemon squeezer is easily recognized by its spider-like legs and aesthetic design. Famous for its form and aesthetic appeal, the Juicy Salif is held among the greats of modern design and is well known among the arts world. Learn More
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  75. alessi_cactus_photo_frame

    Alessi "CACTUS!" Photo Frame

    The "CACTUS!" is a successful series which become one of the Alessi's iconic pattern. This photo frame with the laser-cut steel is the best thing to match with your stylish be-loved one. Learn More
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  76. Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Soap Set

    Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Soap Set

    Castelbel Portus Cale Noble Red Soap Set has a long-lasting luxurious floral scent. With the Castelbel soaps, you surely will merge yourself into the whole floral paradise. The fragranced soaps are combined with the most beautiful fragrances and the best nurturing vegetable oil that will gently cleanse your skin and leave your skin with a very relaxing scent.The soaps are all hand crafted and wrapped to make sure everyone of them is perfect. Learn More
  77. Castelbel Portus Cale Rosé Blush Hand Cream

    Castelbel Portus Cale Rosé Blush Hand Cream

    Are you looking for delicate, soft hands? Do you want to gift somebody else with lovely skin? Castelbel Portus Cale Rosé Blush Hand Cream is enriched with pineapple, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood to provide you and your loved one with a delicate texture for your skin, leaving your hands comfortable and smooth to the touch. Learn More
  78. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Delight your loved one or friend with a special gift that will definitely surprise her. An elegant mug is ready to serve the tea, which make her evry zip of tea become sweet. Hand cream, natural soap and facial mask are to remind her to pamper herself and rest. Learn More

    Out of stock

  79. The Pearl Mermaid

    The Pearl Mermaid

    Send this fantastic gift to your loved ones and enjoy a relaxing Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or anniversary together. This gift box will definitely remind you to slow down, have a comfortable bath and pamper yourself. Learn More
  80. Kikkerland Unicorn Pencil Holder

    Kikkerland Unicorn Pencil Holder

    Add a touch of whimsy to your desk with this unique unicorn pencil holder and pencil set. The white pencil holder contrasts strikingly against the bright colored pencils, enlivening your school or work space. Learn More
  81. Le Père Pelletier Candle

    Le Père Pelletier Candle

    Sometimes simply lighting a candle can offer relaxation and freedom from stress. This Le Pere Pelletier candle puts off the hearty smell, encouraging you to take a break from the hustle of daily life. Lighting this candle before bed or during a reading session is a fantastic way to relax. Learn More

    Out of stock

  82. Le Père Pelletier Coconut Bath Beads

    Le Père Pelletier Coconut Bath Beads

    Bath beads are an important part of making your relaxation comfortable. Not only will these bath beads fill the air with a lovely and tropical coconut smell, but you will also feel the effects in your skin right away. You will feel instantly at ease and intensely smooth as you relax in the bath. Learn More

    Out of stock

  83. Le Père Pelletier Rose Shower Gel

    Le Père Pelletier Rose Shower Gel

    A simple shower gel can take your morning from average to relaxing and aromatic. Rose is naturally calming and revitalizing, providing you with peace of mind to get through the day. The gel leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soothed, even after a long day at work. Turn your shower into a spa with the perfect shower gel. It also makes for a fantastic holiday gift. Learn More
  84. Mullein & Sparrow Facial Steam

    Mullein & Sparrow Facial Steam

    In this lovely bottle, your gift recipient will find a lovely facial steam that provides relaxation and a calming scent. Plus, it provides a fantastic decoration for your bathroom shelves. Learn More

    Out of stock

  85. Castelbel_Ambiente_Stargazer_Lily_Reed_Diffuser

    Castelbel Ambiente Stargazer Lily Reed Diffuser

    This diffuser has the scent of the most feminine of flowers the Stargazer Lily. It is such an exotic and captivating fragrance that will wonderfully be the best decorative addition to your home or office. The elegant aroma will gently infuse into the air and spread throughout the room from the diffuser. Learn More

    Out of stock

  86. Kikkerland Waiter Dinner Bell

    Kikkerland Waiter Dinner Bell

    Dinner's ready! Now you no longer have to shout out at your family and friends at dinner time with this classic dinner bell. Looking very sharp with its adorable, yet smartly dressed waiter standing on top, this waiter dinner bell will do wonders, especially at gatherings or if you have a very vocal group to serve. Made of solid brass and the finest beechwood, you will be saved from losing your voice and from all the hassle to get someone's attention. Learn More

    Out of stock

  87. Kikkerland Pour Over Coffee Kit

    Kikkerland Pour Over Coffee Kit

    Enjoy a smooth cup of rich and creamy coffee in style with Kikkerland's amazing Pour Over Coffee Kit. Coffee has never tasted better until you have tried this kit, with its sole purpose being to maximise the wonderful taste of coffee. Exceptionally convenient to bring around with you wherever you go, this kit includes one collapsible stainless steel coffee dripper, one coffee spoon and three wire clips to keep everything in place. Learn More
  88. Alessi "Chip" Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

    Alessi "Chip" Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

    Designed by Columbian born Rodrigo Torres exclusively for Alessi, this elegant little metallic bird will look right at home on your desk in your home or work place. It's magnetic core will grasp the paperclips giving the polished bird a plumed look, and will also double as a handy paperweight - an ideal gift which is both fun and practical. Learn More

    Out of stock

  89. Alessi "Blow up" Fruit Basket

    Alessi "Blow up" Fruit Basket

    A chic and eye-catching fruit basket, developed by the Campana brothers Fernando and Humberto, as part of their "Blow Up" series wherein objects are formed through shapes and spaces created when steel rods are brought together in a seemingly random fashion.
    The open design of the fruit basket helps fruits ripen and makes for a great centerpiece in the home, and is also fantastic for storing vegetables, bread or napkins - a great choice for gifting to new home-owners or newly-weds. Learn More

    Out of stock

  90. Relaxation Therapy

    Relaxation Therapy

    Our gift hamper includes a variety of lovely European-themed products. The Castelbel Porto Candle and the Mullein & Sparrow Rose Bath Salts. She will love taking a relaxing bath with the Naturbel Olive oil & Rosemary Soap and then drying off with a bath towel. She will love soaking in peace and tranquility. This makes for a fantastic anniversary, birthday, housewarming, or thank you gift. Learn More
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Gifts for Her

Every special woman in your life deserves to be shown how important she is to you. Buying gifts for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or other special occasion can be difficult if you have no idea where to start. There are so many fantastic gift options for the women in your life, no matter their interests or desires. You can give that special woman a gift that will help her achieve her goals or simply relax and have a nice time.

Here are a few of our favorite gifts for her:

  • Panasonic Bread Maker - If you know somebody who adores baking and cooking, a bread maker is going to simplify her life. She can combine ingredients to create delicious, moist breads that everybody can enjoy. This gift is excellent for a housewarming gift or Mother’s Day.
  • Sting in the Tail Gift Set - This gift set is designed to appeal to her need to relax as well. This package allows you to select a scent she will love: green tea or lavender. She will be able to turn her entire bathroom into a personal spa.
  • Flower Bouquets - Why not select a lovely flower bouquet and a heartfelt card? Flowers never go out of style, and they always appeal to women who adore the simplicity of a lovely vase. Plus, a card with a genuine message is never going to go unappreciated.

  • Gift Something Has Gifts Just for Her

    Selecting a gift that she adores is essential, but it is not always easy to pick something out. That is why Gift Something offers a lovely assortment of presents that the woman in your life is going to adore. Our selection of gifts ranges from the eclectic to the more traditional, and there are plenty of items in our catalog that will show her just how much she cares.

    Get in Touch with Gift Experts

    It is easy to get in touch with our gift experts at Gift Something, and are ready to help you select the ideal gift for the woman you care about. We want to help you choose the perfect gift for her, and it’s easy with our Gift Something experts always available.