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Gourmet & Hampers


Are you looking for the perfect combination gift for somebody special in your life? Gift hampers, complete with wine, are available for every palate and every occasion. Not sure what kind of arrangement your loved one will enjoy? Consider the occasion and look for a gift that fits your loved one’s unique needs.


Shopping for Christmas gifts need not be stressful, especially when you have plenty of arrangements to choose from. Send wine, meats, cheeses, crackers, and more with the gift hamper of your choosing. Gift Something offers Christmas hampers with biscuits, coffee creams, chocolate, tea, candy canes, and more. It is easy to get into the holiday spirit with these lovely holiday assortments.

Chinese New Year

The new year represents a new state, and Chinese New Year gift hampers offer the perfect way to begin on the right foot. Wine and chocolate are the perfect Chinese New Year gift, celebrating romance or just good cheer. Drinks and delicacies from Hong Kong and beyond are available through Gift Something. Send family members and loved ones the gift of chocolate, fruit, tea, or something else.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Are you and your family ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival? The only way to make the holiday stand out even more is to send a delightful gift hamper to somebody you love. Our variety of hampers makes it easy to send along those coveted moon cakes or even a bottle of red wine to enjoy with them. Better yet, show up to a family celebration with the basket in tow. Everybody is sure to love it.

Gourmet & Fruit Hampers

Fruit hampers make for a terrific gift, no matter what’s in season. Fruit is a classic gift that sends a wonderful message all year long. You can’t go wrong with the classics! These fruit hampers include seasonal fruits like kiwis and blueberries alongside apples, melons, peaches, cantaloupe, pears, dragon fruit and more. Additionally, our gourmet hampers provide festive foods and treats that provide a perfect snack or picnic. From crackers to tinned meats, these gourmet hampers are party favourites.

Wine Gifts

Bringing a gift to a family celebration or a party is unavoidable. Don’t forget the gift this time by ordering ahead and having it ready at the place of the event. A bottle of wine makes for a delightful party gift that everybody in attendance can enjoy. Wine sends a terrific message of appreciation, joy, love, and so much more. If you have a celebratory event coming up, a champagne gift sends the perfect message. Send the gift of champagne to congratulate a loved one for a wonderful accomplishment.


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Gift Something provides a variety of hampers and wine/champagne gifts that are ideal for celebrations.