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Chinese New Year Hampers

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Chinese New Year Hampers

Show your loved ones that you care this Chinese New Year with a lovely gift hamper. Our gift hampers celebrate the new year, during which time everybody receives a fresh start. Spread cheer and hope by sending a gift to everybody on your list.

Chinese New Year is a holiday during which everybody embraces the future. Everybody looks forward to the good fortune that the upcoming year will bring. What sends a better message to those you care about than a lovely hamper that arrives right at your family’s doorstep?

Of course, our gift hampers are perfect for more than just family members. A romantic gift including chocolate and wine is perfect for somebody you adore. A corporate gift hamper is perfect for a business hamper you want to wish well. We offer a gift hamper for virtually anybody in your life, making it easy to surprise that somebody special in your life.

Customs associated with Chinese New Year include visiting friends and family members, cooking delicious meals for everybody to enjoy, and appreciating all the moments you have shared together. Even if you cannot be there in person to celebrate, a gift hamper will send a strong, positive message.

Here are some favourite gifts from our Chinese New Year Hampers collection:

  • Lucky Red Hamper - This CNY Fabric gift box design sets this gift apart from the rest, allowing you to send a happy blessing to somebody you care about. This gift hamper comes with eggrolls, truffles, Abalone, hairy moss, and more.
  • Mini Festive Celebrations - This bamboo gift basket offers an assortment of treats, ranging from chocolates and eggrolls to tea for a cold day. Family members and friends will appreciate receiving this gift, which encourages celebration. The contents of the basket include abalone noodles, eggrolls, chocolate bar and tea.
  • Double Happiness - Are you looking for a mixture of elegant Chinese treats? The Double Happiness gift is a great way to get started. This gift is red, the color associated with a lucky blessing for the holiday. The present includes tea, a bottle of wine or champagne, eggrolls, and more.
  • Longevity - This delightful gift hampers includes tea leaves, allowing you to warm everyone's heart this holiday. In addition to tea leaves, this gift hamper includes red dates, abalone, shortcake and more.

  • Choose the Perfect Hamper with Gift Something

    Gift Something offers a variety of gift hampers for every occasion. For New Year’s, we offer a selection of treats and gifts that will leave your loved ones thrilled. Celebrate a special occasion or holiday with our fine assortment of hampers.