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Christmas Hampers

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  2. HK$500.00 - HK$999.99 (11)
  3. HK$1,000.00 - HK$1,499.99 (4)
  4. HK$1,500.00 - HK$1,999.99 (2)
  5. HK$2,000.00 and above (2)
Tea/ Chocolate Option
  1. Baru Chocolate Chai Latte / Peppermint Chocolate Organic Drinking Powder (1)
  2. Niche Tea Natural Hand Blended Tea Bags (1)
  3. His Nibs (2)
  4. Her Nibs (2)
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Christmas Hampers

There is a lot of pressure to give the perfect gift on Christmas, and setting yourself apart from others is an important component of finding the ideal gift. If you truly want to surprise somebody special in your life this Christmas, sending the perfect hamper will do the trick. Our presents include bottles of wine, delicious foods, and much more.

Christmas is more than a time for celebration. It is also a holiday meant for spending time with family and enjoying the warmth loved ones can bring. Even if you cannot spend Christmas with your family this year, there is no reason you cannot send a Christmas gift hamper in your place, allowing you to show that you care.

Still wondering if you should send a gift hamper to somebody special this Christmas? Consider that giving presents is one of the biggest traditions associated with Christmas. If you cannot be there in person to give a gift, a gift hamper will take care of that for you. You can also send a hamper to a colleague or business partner to show that they are appreciated.

Gift hampers are ideal for Christmas because they can be as casual or as thoughtful as you want them to be. You can include treats that are easy to share with the office or the entire family, or you can make the gift romantic by including some beautiful flowers alongside it.

Here are some of our bestselling Christmas hampers:

  • Christmas Wonderland - This knit basket includes decadent chocolates and other gourmet treats. Your hamper will arrive with a variety of luxuries perfect for Christmas or a similar holiday. In fact, it includes a little something for everybody with its cake, chocolates, nuts, cookies, and other sweets.
  • Holiday Afternoon Tea - This lovely tea set offers the perfect way to celebrate a cold winter’s holiday. Tea, biscuits, and chocolate make this the ideal gift for somebody who loves to enjoy a cozy day indoors.
  • Countdown to Christmas - Are you looking for the perfect gift to present to your business partners? This is an elaborate gift that contains biscuits, chocolate, sweets, champagne, and more.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas - This luxurious gift offers two types of champagne to choose from in addition to plenty of treats you can share with those you care about. This gift hamper contains gourmet treats, champagne, and savory food items for all to enjoy.

  • Order from the Experts at Gift Something

    Gift Something offers a variety of holiday-themed gift hampers, and Christmas gifts are no exception. No matter which hamper you select, your loved ones will be pleased with the choice. Each gift includes a variety of lovely treats just perfect for the upcoming holiday.