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Fruit Hampers

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Fruit Hampers

Is there a better gift to welcome the onset of spring than a decadent fruit hamper? Share a glass of wine alongside a hamper with your beloved, or celebrate Mid-Autumn with a special basket sent to friends and family members. No matter the occasion, fruit hampers can send a lovely message to your recipient.

Why choose to send a fruit hamper to somebody you care about? For starters, fruit hampers are a tried and true classic. Fruit is healthy, yet sweet. You offer somebody a special gift, all the while sending somebody a lovely snack. Plus, fruit can have a lot of symbolic meaning.

For instance, oranges are often considered to be one of the luckiest fruits. Giving an orange to somebody could be the same as wishing them good fortune in the upcoming year. Melons are also symbolic, often indicating the unity of a family. Pomegranates are symbolic of fertility. Additionally, apples often represent peacefulness and unity. The fruit you choose to send somebody you love could send a powerful message, so it is important to select a gift wisely.

These are some of our bestselling fruit gift hampers:

  • Sweet Time - This gift, which includes sweet Venchi chocolate, is quite popular. Mix healthy fruits and sweet treats with this delicious gift. Sweet Time includes fresh fruits like apples, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, and more.
  • Deluxe Fruit Hamper with Corporate Wine - Are you looking for the perfect gift for a business partner, superior, or colleague? This delicious fruit hamper is a great way to show that you appreciate your business together. The wine adds an extra special touch.
  • Traditional Fruit Basket with Wine - This gift comes with a decadent red wine, which is a popular and thoughtful present for anybody special. This hamper is perfect for wine lovers, but it also contains delicious fruits like kiwis, grapes, blueberries, dragon fruit, and more. This basket is great for a housewarming or corporate gift. It is also perfect to celebrate a festival or send a message of thanks.
  • French Luxury - This French gift hampers comes with red wine, crackers, and goose foie gras, all of which send a message that you love and appreciate somebody special. The French Luxury hamper is great for a thank you gift or for a housewarming party. In addition to luxurious treats, the hamper also includes an arrangement of fresh fruit, including nectarines, plums, and dragon fruit.

  • Order the Perfect Gift with Gift Something

    If you are sending somebody a fruit hamper, they are sure to receive your message loud and clear. Gift Something offers a variety of fruit hampers you can send to that somebody special on your list. Choose wisely so that your recipient will adore your fruit arrangement and other gourmet treats you send along with it.