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Wine & Champagne Gifts

Wine and champagne make for fantastic gifts, especially for those times when you just know you don’t have much time to shop. Our delicious wines are full bodied, offering the host of your event a truly magnificent drink. Whether you deliver the bottle of wine or champagne personally or have it sent ahead of time, your recipient will be thrilled with your gift.

A bottle of wine or a bottle of champagne makes for an excellent party gift. Impress somebody with your lovely gift as they celebrate a housewarming, graduation, birthday, or other special moment. This gift is simple yet thoughtful.

The right bottle of champagne or wine can send a great message. Choosing the right bottle ensures everybody knows that you care. Even if you can’t sample one of these bottles for yourself, these options are tried and true.

Here are our all-time favourites:

  • Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne is a complex drink from France that smells like vanilla. This subtle drink offers much more than a lovely flavor. It also has plenty of body.
  • Krug Grande Cuvee is a lovely French champagne that blends a variety of winds to create a lovely flavor and body. This drink offers a flavor profile that includes toast, citrus, jelly, and hazelnuts. It is a great choice for a holiday or celebratory event.
  • Dom Perignon Vintage is another French wine that has quite a bit to offer. It is a vibrant drink that is freshly spiced and well-developed. This is an elegant and complex wine with a lot to offer.

  • Exclusive Gifts from Gift Something

    Not only does Gift Something offer a wide variety of delicious wines, but we also offer wine that is suitable for any occasion. Pairing our wines with other gourmet options is also a good idea, making your gift even more special.

    Order from the Gift Experts

    Order a wine or champagne gift online with Gift Something to offer a gift that everybody will enjoy. The wine drinker in your life will appreciate a present like this, especially because our gift experts have tested each item to ensure that they meet our high standards. Our selection of wines is simply delightful.