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  1. Dinosaur Toy Set

    Dinosaur Toy Set

    This Dinosaur toy set is both interactive and educational. It will help in enhancing imaginative play. They will help the kids to develop their foster science knowledge. The children will get to learn about how the different dinosaurs looked, their special features and their names. These dinosaur figurines are made of PVC and are safe for the kids. Learn More
  2. Firefighter Dress Up Costume

    Firefighter Dress Up Costume

    Your little ones will enjoy dressing up as young and brave Fire-fighters saving lives of their friends. This pack includes a dashing firefighter costume and accessories. A bright red fire-fighters jacket with silver dept. badge, a pretend hose to douse the fire, plastic axe, plastic fire extinguisher, walkie-talkie and the fire-fighters hat. This dress is specially designed to fit children of age 3 to 8 years. Learn More
  3. Pie Face Showdown

    Pie Face Showdown

    The funny Pie Face Showdown game is the ideal game to be played by family or friends for lots of laugh-out-loud fun. Players should load the “Arm” of the game with yummy whipped cream from home or a wet sponge (included in the game). Each player is required to place his/her chin on one of the chin rests and together they all need to rapidly press the button nearest to them. This activates the hand on the throwing arm and as soon as it gets too close to the pie thrower, the hand springs up, and the closest player gets all splattered with cream! The player who doesn't get "pie-faced" is the winner. Learn More

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  4. Pie Face Game

    Pie Face Game

    Pie Face game is an exciting game filled with a lot of fun and suspense. The game is about getting splatted on the face for fun. Douse the “hand” of the game with some yummy whipped cream from home or with a wet sponge. Keep turning the handles and it will go off any time. One can score a point for each time you turn the handle and are not pie faced or splattered in the game. Learn More

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  5. First Gift for Baby Girl

    First Gift for Baby Girl

    Delightful gifts come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a First Gift for Baby Girl hamper, which is perfect for the new little one in your life. This gift comes with an adorable matching bibs and mittens. This hamper also comes with a pink shiny swan, rubber cube set and baby skincare products. Learn More
  6. Thinking Kits Unicorn Window Paints

    Thinking Kits Unicorn Window Paints

    You can create your own incredible artpiece of unicorn on your window and turn your room to be a vibrant world! Learn More
  7. Little Sailor Gift Set for Baby Boy

    Little Sailor Gift Set for Baby Boy

    For a newborn baby boy, this gift hamper is the perfect present. It offers a variety of fun and essential items that make it easy to simply be a baby. Each item is cozy and warm, perfect for a cold winter or warm summer nights. Learn More
  8. First Zoo Gift Set For Baby

    First Zoo Gift Set For Baby

    A sweet and sensible gift set comprising of basic necessities for a newborn baby, such as Mustela cleansing and lotion set as well as an set of adorable animal teething toy, which your recipient and the newborn child will make use of it and be pampered. Learn More
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  9. Meiya & Alvin Activity Ball with Mirror

    Meiya & Alvin Activity Ball with Mirror

    This lightweight rubber mirror activity ball is a great way to entertain your little one. Decorated with ribbons of different textures and colors, this ball is a delightful treat to the eyes. Adorned with a shiny mirror in which the babies can watch themselves in. The kids will love to roll the ball and crawl behind it to catch it. The ball is completely ecofriendly and safe for your little one. Learn More
  10. Doudou et Compagnie Lucie the Unicorn Baby Comforter

    Doudou et Compagnie Lucie the Unicorn Baby Comforter

    Lucie the unicorn baby comforter is a soft blanket ideal for the birth of a little girl. An adorable unicorn blanket which will take your little princess to the enchanting world of magic and fairies. The comforter is washable and arrives in a luxury gift box. It is the perfect sleep companion for little girls and infants. Learn More
  11. Tikiri Cotton Candy Unicorn Teether

    Tikiri Cotton Candy Unicorn Teether

    Tikiri Cotton Candy Unicorn Teether is a very soft teether made up of natural rubber. It is beautifully crafted and looks adorable in its marble white color. This toy will take your little one to the land of fairies and unicorns. 100% safe for your child, this is wonderful gift for a newborn. Learn More
  12. Tikiri Crown Teether

    Tikiri Crown Teether

    This crown shaped teether from Tikiri is extremely soft and chewable. It is made of natural rubber and is 100% safe for your little one. Shaped as a beautiful yellow crown, this teether is very easy to hold and bite one. Your princesses first crown in the form a cute little teether. Learn More
  13. Tikiri Butterfly Teether

    Tikiri Butterfly Teether

    Tikiri offers a very soft natural rubber made teether in the shape of a cute little butterfly. This pink butterfly is so attractive, your child would love holding on to it and enjoy chewing and playing with it. 100% safe for your child, and a wonderful gift for new borns. Learn More
  14. Tikiri Car Teether

    Tikiri Car Teether

    This car shaped teether from Tikiri is sturdy and easy to hold for your little one. The holding ring is in the shape of a blue car and is very appealing to the kids. Boys love cars and this cute little car teether will be your Racer’s first car. Made from 100% safe rubber, it is safe for your child. Learn More
  15. alimrose_pink_vertical_stripes_bunny_wand_rattle

    Kidz Labs Volcano and Crystal Mining

    Volcanic eruption on your desk! Using the volcano mold, fine quality plaster mix, paint strip of six colors, paint brush and stirrer to construct your volcano. The designed digging tool is prepared for you to excavate the unearth beautiful crystals. Learn More
  16. Doudou et Compagnie Miss Mermaid

    Doudou et Compagnie Miss Mermaid

    The most magical and enigmatic mermaid from the kingdom of the seas just for your little princess. A product from the famous house of DouDou et Compagnie, this cute soft plush doll is an adorable playmate. Dressed in beautiful pink and turquoise along with golden accents this magical doll is a sight to the sore eyes. Easily washable, this beauty comes packed in a luxury gift box. Learn More
  17. alimrose_bunny_pink_wand_rattle

    Histoire d'Ours Girl & Glitter Unicorn

    Your child will surely love this beautiful soft and fluffy Unicorn. Dressed in a white dress and adorned with a silver horn. This huggable unicorn can be your daughter’s favorite playmate. Learn More
  18. Histoire d'Ours Peluche Girls & Glitter Cygne Rose Swan

    Histoire d'Ours Peluche Girls & Glitter Cygne Rose Swan

    This cute little cygne rose swan soft toy from HISTOIRE D'OURS is the perfect baby companion for tender hugs. Adorned with glittery feet and a pretty little crown, this cuddly plush toy can be an ideal gift for new born babies. Easily washable, they are safe to play with even for small infants. Learn More
  19. Melya & Alvin Rubber Cube Set

    Melya & Alvin Rubber Cube Set

    A set of three colored rubber cubes which are attractive and very soft to touch. Different letters, numbers and pictures are raised and embossed on each side of the cube. The kids can learn different alphabets and numbers running their hands over them. The cubes are extremely lightweight and are fun to stack on each other.  Learn More

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  20. Thinking Kits Dinosaur Magnets

    Thinking Kits Dinosaur Magnets

    Your kids' imagination can run wild in the magnetic dinosaur world! They can build the giant colorful puzzle with 3D dinosaurs and pre-historic play scene which will provide hours of imaginative play. Their fine motor skills will be trained while completing the task. Just let them explore the wonderful play land! Learn More
  21. Jellycat Cactus

    Jellycat Cactus

    This quirky Jellycat Cactus is amusable and cute. Made from 100% polyester this cuddly cactus is soft and furry. This cactus is squishy and not spiky, and you will love squishing it. Adorned with a beautiful flower topknot, this cactus looks adorable with small toffee boots. Learn More
  22. Elegant Baby Knittie Bitties Swan

    Elegant Baby Knittie Bitties Swan

    A plush toy can provide hours of comfort for a newborn baby or young child. This adorable swan is as cute as can be, offering comfort during playtime. Parents and the new baby will love spending time with this cute swan toy. Learn More

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  23. Kidz Labs Glow Dino & Fossils

    Kidz Labs Glow Dino & Fossils

    Enjoy hours of fun and learning with the KidzLabs Glow Dino and Fossils Kit. Excavate, build and cast molds of ancient fossils, great for groups of friends or the whole family. Simply follow the detailed instructions, excavate and assemble a T-Rex skeleton, set up a model of a T-Rex skull, mold and rebuild fossils replicas of prehistoric animals. Learn More
  24. Kidz Labs Volcano Making Kit

    Kidz Labs Volcano Making Kit

    Volcanic eruption is one of the most dangerous and magnificent natural disasters. This great science set shows you how to make the volcano with the plaster and mould provided. Use the vinegar and baking soda to make eruption happened and it can be repeated over and over again! Let's explore the awesome power of volcanoes. Learn More
  25. RIDLEY’S GAMES - Hoopla

    RIDLEY’S GAMES - Hoopla

    Test out your aim with your friends using Ridley’s Hoopla, one that you will undoubtedly try again and again! This classic game includes a high quality wooden target where you can place just about anywhere, and 5 colour-coded hoops, perfect for score-checking. Comes in a beautifully illustrated box to take around with you wherever you go. Ideal for days out at the park or the beach. Learn More

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  26. Petit Collage Enchanted Woodland Floor Puzzle

    Petit Collage Enchanted Woodland Floor Puzzle

    Now your child can become a wildlife explorer as they enter the mysterious woodlands. Can you spot a grizzly bear behind the bushes? Or perhaps a gentle white rabbit in the corner? Whichever of the 24 pieces your toddler lands on, they are bound to be intrigued by nature. Thickly padded and perfectly fitted, this floor puzzle is definitely a favourite among all the animal lovers out there! Learn More
  27. EverEarth My First Multi-Play Activity Cube

    EverEarth My First Multi-Play Activity Cube

    This amazing cube is the essence of creativity that will enable your child to learn - while having fun! With its unique design complete with movable beads, a mind-boggling maze, an abacus and counting blocks for the early mathematicians, moving cogs and shape sorter, this incredibly stimulating toy will help your little one develop multiple skills; thinking skills, problem-solving skills, motor skills and many more! They can even share the fun with their friends and brush up on their social interactions. Learn More
  28. EverEarth Carpenter's Workbench

    EverEarth Carpenter's Workbench

    The ideal gift for all the little carpenters out there is now in store! This child-friendly, yet wonderfully realistic, large wooden­ carpenter's work bench has everything you need, from hammers and saws to spanners and screwdrivers. Your little one can learn first-hand how to use these amazing tools and gradually build on their dexterity, motor skills and even problem-solving skills. With so many parts to choose from, your child will certainly never be bored. Learn More

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  29. AR Floor Puzzle Unicorn

    AR Floor Puzzle Unicorn

    After you have completed the play mat and assemble the 3D puzzles, you can use the app to scan the unicorn and accessories puzzles and bring the unicorns to life with AR technology. Just interact with these lovely unicorn and share the photos or videos with your friends and family. Learn More
  30. Eco City Train Set

    Eco City Train Set

    This creatively thought-out futuristic city train set is like no other! It includes 50 pieces of beautifully coloured accessories and with the use of your child's powerful imagination, they can transform it into an eco-friendly city of their own. All parts can be built and re-built to their heart's desire - the possibilities are simply endless. Learn More
  31. Little Animal Books

    Little Animal Books

    Get your hands on all ten of these delightful little books for your beloved child. Each features an adorable animal that all children would love to read about. The best part is, after having a good story, you can then stack these books up just like building blocks! Just the perfect way to learn and play, and to keep your little one entertained. Learn More
  32. Little Color Books

    Little Color Books

    There surely is a lot going on in these ten cute little books! Your little one will learn about their favourite animals through lovely rhymes. They can also learn about all the colours they can think of through clothes, food and toys. Definitely an must-have item for children who are fascinated with the world! Don't forget to pop this in your travel bag, and you're all set to go. Learn More
  33. Little Ocean Books

    Little Ocean Books

    Dive deep into the ocean and explore with your child through these ten intriguing stories about life under the sea. Will they walk sideways along with crab? Sing along with the whales or dance away happily with our delightful octopus? Whichever colourful book they choose, they are sure never to be disappointed. Learn More
  34. Crazy Car Race Puzzle

    Crazy Car Race Puzzle

    Has your kid got what it takes to solve this ultimate 100-piece advanced puzzle set? Challenge accepted! The wacky vibrant colours bring out the best of all the different kinds of vehicles - race cars, go-karts, an ice-cream van and even an army tank! Bigger kids will embrace this challenge and develop their problem-solving skills to an even greater extent. Learn More
  35. Ballet Studio Puzzle

    Ballet Studio Puzzle

    Get the shoes ready because your child is about to enter into the world of ballet! The simplistic yet enchantingly beautiful art captured in this 100-piece puzzle is sure to get the creativity juices flowing as they prance around, placing everything together. They can also take part in the wonderful art lesson by following the five ballet moves as depicted in the illustrations. An ideal gift for all the little dancers! Learn More
  36. Outer Space Puzzle

    Outer Space Puzzle

    Blast off into space and explore the galaxy with this super awesome 100-piece puzzle! Astronauts-to-be can now venture through the amazing Solar System and have fun identifying all of the beautiful planets out there while piecing all the parts together. Will they jump to Jupiter? Or venture out to Venus? The adventures are endless! Learn More
  37. Masterkidz Construction Site Mini Playset

    Masterkidz Construction Site Mini Playset

    Calling all builders to the site! This lovely construction site playset made with real European beech wood is a delight for all the little ones who love to build. Complete with a sturdy tower crane, a little dump truck that has real moving parts and a working platform, this set of 15 pieces offers hours of fun and creativity. Learn More
  38. Masterkidz My First Beauty Kit

    Masterkidz My First Beauty Kit

    This super cute beauty kit has everything a girl needs, from make-up and nail polish to a hairdryer and a comb. It's even got a mobile phone, perfect for those long chats with her friends! All items are made from the finest wood and packed inside an adorable little handbag for her to take wherever she goes! Learn More

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  39. Masterkidz My First Doctor Kit

    Masterkidz My First Doctor Kit

    Playing doctor has never been easier with this adorable doctor's kit. The little first aid bag has everything your child could possibly need to make sure their friend - or their teddy! - will be well. The kit includes a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope, medicine, a syringe, the doctor's phone, a thermometer and other tools, all made from well-crafted, smooth wood. Learn More

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  40. Manhattan Farmyard Friends Book

    Manhattan Farmyard Friends Book

    Take your little one on a wonderful journey into the farm with this fantastic baby book! With the attached friendly farmer finger puppet, you can use this soft book to effectively communicate with and engage your child in the experience. Introducing them to the various kinds of fabrics, this book will prove to keep your little one entertained. Learn More
  41. Manhattan Wimmer Ferguson Nursery Novel

    Manhattan Wimmer Ferguson Nursery Novel

    Need something to keep your little one entertained during a long car ride or flight? Or maybe you're stuck somewhere, waiting in a queue? Simply present this lovely and soft nursery book to your child and watch the magic unfold itself. With delightful textures, flaps, reflective pieces and ribbons attached, they will have the most enjoyable time exploring and learning. Learn More
  42. Manhattan Tree Top Adventure

    Manhattan Tree Top Adventure

    There is so much to do on this extraordinary wood activity center, your toddler will never be bored! It is designed to resemble a lovely shady tree packed with fruitful activities including animal-themed gliders, vibrant coloured beads on the run, and levers to twist and turn. Perfect for developing their dexterity and on their creative minds. Learn More
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  43. Playful Penguins

    Playful Penguins

    Bath time has never been more fun now that you have three adorable penguins by your side! These playful little guys reside comfortably in a meshed pocket attached to a lovely rhyming story book about them frolicking about in the snow. Perfect for delivering sweet dreams to your little one before bed. Learn More

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  44. Dinocodes Triceratops – Dinosaur DNA

    Dinocodes Triceratops – Dinosaur DNA

    Through this kit, you will become the paleontologist and dino geneticist. Digging up a glow-in-dark Triceratops dino skeleton. You can use the Dinocodes app to rebuild the life-sized dinosaur before you. Make a video of the experience and send it to your friends via social media, they will be amazed! Learn More
  45. Histoire d'Ours Lama Blanc

    Histoire d'Ours Lama Blanc

    This beautiful white Lama comes from the collection "From here and elsewhere" designed by Histoire d'Ours. This soft plush toy is tender, loveable and novel. It can be the perfect play date for your little one. Extremely huggable this fluffy lama is safe for infants too. Learn More
  46. Miffy Sitting Corduroy Toy

    Miffy Sitting Corduroy Toy

    Plush toys are the best bedtime companions. Snuggle up to this cute little soft white rabbit and enjoy a blissful sleep. Miffy sitting corduroy plush is made up of soft corduroy material. Standing 24cm tall, it can quietly snuggle up on your work table or your bed or adorn your center table. Learn More
  47. Tegu 24 Piece Set (Blue)

    Tegu 24 Piece Set (Blue)

    Take a dive into the deep blue sea with these blue-themed magnetic blocks and enter a new world of creative fun! The 24 pieces of blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for recreating the creatures of the sea. The thin slices and long sticks are also ideal for building their very own robots, or even a delightful dinosaur that roams the earth once more. Learn More
  48. Janod Magnetibook Girl's Costumes

    Janod Magnetibook Girl's Costumes

    Here’s the perfect gift for all the little fashion designers out there: the gorgeous Janod Magnetibook of Girl's Outfits! This pretty magnetibook opens up to reveal 8 special outfits to try on. Use the model cards for inspiration or mix and match the pieces to create their very own outfits. Easy to carry around and ideal for travelling with your child. Learn More
  49. Oribel PortaPlay Cocoon high chair

    Oribel PortaPlay Cocoon high chair

    Feeding time and play time has never been easier with this convertible Cocoon high chair. Easy to use and comes in a variety of colours for your preference. The chair comes with a unique food and cup holder, and you can recline and adjust the seat to three different positions for maximum comfort. The foam pad itself is waterproof and easy to clean. Now we don't have to worry about the little spillages! Learn More
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  50. Alex Brands Hair Chalk Salon - Asst Colors

    Alex Brands Hair Chalk Salon - Asst Colors

    Who needs the hairdressers when your kid can own Alex Brands' Hair Chalk Salon? With five 5 washable hair chalk pens, 24 beads, a beading tool, a comb, she can now create her favourite hairstyles and looks every single day. Acid and toxic free, the temporary colours are easy to use and wash out, allowing your child to experiment at any time without hassle. Learn More
  51. Jellycat Odell Octopus

    Jellycat Odell Octopus

    Bringing you the cutest octopus ever: the Jellycat Odell Octopus! With its red bean-coloured body, eight puffy little tentacles and a pair of innocent, sparkling eyes, any child would want to embrace it. Learn More
  52. Jellycat Solange Swan

    Jellycat Solange Swan

    The glamourous Jellycat Solange Swan gives off an air of elegance with its fluffy plush feathers, sturdy neck and a plump, bean-filled body. We just can't resist giving her a cuddle! Learn More
  53. Jellycat Terry Pterodactyl

    Jellycat Terry Pterodactyl

    Jellycat Terry Pterodactyl has completely rewritten the fierce image we have of this pre-historic creature, because he is undoubtedly the most adorable dinosaur anyone has ever seen! With its taupe body and a pair of soft, fluffy wings, it will bring your child into the mysterious world of dinosaurs. Learn More
  54. Jellycat Flora Flamingo

    Jellycat Flora Flamingo

    The Jellycat Flora Flamingo definitely isn't the usual kind of bird we see in parks. With a full body of hot pink feathers, a pair of soft, funky wings and a big fluffy head, it might look a little silly... but in a cute kind of way. Learn More
  55. Jellycat Bashful Unicorn

    Jellycat Bashful Unicorn

    Unicorns only come to life in children's storybooks... but not this Jellycat Bashful Unicorn! Now you can see and touch this mythical creature every day, and allow yourself to live in a magical world of fairy tales. Learn More
  56. MEC 3M Set 2-in-1Plane

    MEC 3M Set 2-in-1Plane

    Allow your imagination to soar with this Meccano 2-in-1 Plane and explore the boundless horizon! Following the instructions included in the package, your child can easily build a sleek, streamlined, single-engine propeller plane, or re-assemble it as a cool stunt plane. Learn More

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  57. MEC Starter Set

    MEC Starter Set

    This Meccano Starter Set is suitable for kids aged 8 or above. With a total of 55 separate parts, it encourages the young innovator to unleash their creativity and to let their imagination run wild. Perfect for getting a grasp at basic engineering! Learn More

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  58. MEC 25M Set Off Road Racer

    MEC 25M Set Off Road Racer

    Drive off into pristine lands with this Meccano motorized Off-Road Racer. As an S.T.E.M. toy, this truck is designed to challenge little engineers and help them develop problem-solving skills. Complete with metal components and a 4.5V electrical motor, it offers the most realistic driving experience for kids! Learn More
  59. MEC LIC Ferrari 488 GTB Roadster

    MEC LIC Ferrari 488 GTB Roadster

    This two-seated Meccano Ferrari 488 GTB Roadster is bound to take speed to a whole new level! Not only does this convertible have authentic rubber tyres, but also a working steering wheel, giving your child the most awesome and realistic driving experience! Learn More

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  60. Hatchimals Surprise Egg

    Hatchimals Surprise Egg

    We all desire to have a pet we could call our own... and no pet is a match for the Hatchimals Surprise Egg! By interacting with these pets, children can be nurtured to empathize and develop the ability to care for others. Learn More
  61. Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Truck

    Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Truck

    What child wouldn't love ice-cream? Not to mention super vibrant ice-cream they can create with this ice-cream truck! Just pour kinetic sand into the roof of the truck, turn the handle, and out comes your scrumptious ice-cream! Learn More

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  62. Kinetic Sand Natural Pack (2lb)

    Kinetic Sand Natural Pack (2lb)

    Kinetic sand is the ultimate challenge for a child's creativity and imagination! The goal is to magic hundreds of different models and shapes out of thin air. Fear not; the power of kinetic sand will allow your child to make infinite creations. And, as it is incredibly easy to clean, mums will love it too! Learn More

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  63. Kinetic ACK Theme Pack Set - Construction Zone Set

    Kinetic ACK Theme Pack Set - Construction Zone Set

    Now kids can construct their ideal buildings… without moving a single brick or tile! They only need some kinetic sand! The construction tools and molds included in the set enables your little ones to get a taste of what's it like to be a foreman. They can also gain a better understanding about saving space and nurture good habits, killing two birds with one stone. Learn More

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  64. Fred & Friends Lip Sticks

    Fred & Friends Lip Sticks

    Learning how to use chopsticks is already difficult enough on its own. This set of training sticks combines fun with functionality. This hinged chopstick design is great for children, teaching them how to keep food from falling down. These sticks are made of silicone, making them easy to wash. They are also dishwasher safe. Learn More
  65. Alex Brands Ready Set Cut

    Alex Brands Ready Set Cut

    Ready Set Cut is suitable for toddlers who start to use scissors. Create simple crafts with simple cut and paste. This little handmade not only trains their skills, but also enhance their imagination and creativity. Learn More
  66. Alex Brands Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

    Alex Brands Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Kit

    Friends and peers mean a lot to children, and now they can show this in a fun and creative way. Your child will simply adore this awesome friendship bracelet kit. With 4 colour-coded looms, 22 colours of floss, a variety of beads, a beading needle and easy-to-do instructions, your child can make the coolest friendship bracelets for his/her friends. Learn More
  67. blooming_garden_activity_book_front

    Blooming Garden Activity Book

    Follow the butterfly on its garden discovery that will let your child experience and fiddle with the different textures found in this fabric activity book. Learn More

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  68. Kidz Labs Spy Science

    Kidz Labs Spy Science

    Having fun of being a spy! This kit includes all the common secret codes used in the spy world. Train up yourself and send your secret words to your friends, just like what a real spy do! Learn More
  69. Eco-Engineering Solar Rover

    Eco-Engineering Solar Rover

    It is perfect for a young scientist who is interested on mechanics and alternate energy sources. Place the solar rover under sunlight and it moves around without battery. Your child can make their own unique solar rover with a recycled soda can. Learn More

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  70. Elegant Baby Swan Rattle

    Elegant Baby Swan Rattle

    Who says babies can’t have elegant toys? This swan rattle is the perfect choice for a new infant and the doting new parents. Plus, this toy will look adorable when the new baby begins playing. Learn More

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  71. Hannah Cuddle Bunny Flower Bouquet  - Resized.jpg

    Fun Mechanics Tin Can Cable Car

    It is a cool science kit to get kids thinking about mechanics and motors. Use a recycled can and follow the instructions, a unique cable car is finished. Your kid can choose their favourite can to construct their cable car system by themselves. Learn More
  72. Eco-Engineering Box Robot

    Eco-Engineering Box Robot

    Robots are everywhere in modern life, from your coffee machine to checkouts at the supermarket. You can now make your own one by turning empty boxes into a clever eco engineering toy and also transorming it into a walking robot! It is a very clever eco friendly box kit that uses everything but the shrink wrapping to make. Learn More
  73. Pancake Elephant Grey Red copy - resized.jpg

    Alimrose Snuggle Pancake Elephant for Girls

    Another from the Snuggle Pancake series, this flat elephant toy feels soft to one's touch and is of an appropriate size for a newborn to grab and hold onto. The neat red-white polka-dotted design on the ears and tail of the soft toy makes the toy more interesting, and would be able to arouse the curiosity and grasp the attention of your inquisitive child. Learn More
  74. alimrose_hannah_bunny_blue_ivory_stick_rattle

    Alimrose Hannah Bunny Blue Ivory Stick Rattle

    With the softest texture and a perfectly sized handle, the lovely Hannah Bunny Stick Rattle in blue floral is an absolute favourite of many. Imagine the cute little giggles that would erupt from the little baby as he/she plays around with this fascinating new item! Learn More
  75. N10029P Sonny Bunny Stick Rattle Pink-Resized (2).jpg

    Tegu 24 Piece Set (Blossom)

    Want to make a beautiful dream house or create an adorable puppy? These beautiful coloured blocks will do just that! The 24-piece set includes blocks of various shapes and sizes, and comes in rose pink, light mint green, beautiful blue, ice-cream pink and plain wood colours. Smooth to touch, easy to clean and connected conveniently by magnets, this set is perfect for the little creators! Learn More
  76. Alimrose Flower Bouquet Baby Deer Rattle

    Alimrose Flower Bouquet Baby Deer Rattle

    A petite floral baby deer rattle is simply the perfect gift for a dainty newborn. No need to worry, though this baby deer rattle stands on its feet, it is certainly a soft and baby-friendly toy rattle that any parents' can, with their minds at ease, let their babies play around with. Learn More
  77. Alimrose Remy Bunny Muslin Swaddle

    Alimrose Remy Bunny Muslin Swaddle

    In the Remy Bunny Pink design, this Alimrose Design Muslin Swaddle is a delicate and sweet piece, covered with pink dots and little bunnies. A marvellous gift choice for newborn baby girls. Learn More
  78. ore_originals_matryoshka_doll_silicon_teethers.jpg

    Janod Graffti Adjustiable Easel

    Has your child ever dreamt of becoming a teacher or an artist? This Graffiti Adjustable Easel will make that dream come true! With a jet-black chalkboard, ten pieces of chalk and a board eraser, your little one can start their very own classes! And when they are done teaching, flip over to the opposite side for some drawing fun and games. The perfect gift of creativity! Learn More
  79. ore_originals_hedgehog_childrens_silverware_set

    Ore Originals Hedgehog Silverware Set

    This set helps parents to prevent messy tables during eat, regardless you are at home or outside of the house. Learn More
  80. ore_originals_hedgehog_divided_suction_plate.jpg

    Ore Originals Hedgehog Tableware Set

    A divided suction plate that will be able to stay on the spot on almost any surface, making mealtime a smoother process for you and your child. With such a colourful plate, you can merge meal time and learning time together to maximise your time and productivity. Learn More
  81. ore_originals_hedgehog_covered_suction_bowl_gift_set.jpg

    Scientific Explorer My First Dino Kit

    My first Dino Kit will be the favorite of kids. The children will become a little archaeologist. Travelling back to the Jurassic era, use mining tools to explore and find dinosaur blocks, and learn the story of the dinosaurs. Learn More
  82. RS2B01 1-resized (2).jpg

    Balance Scooter

    A quaint little scooter for toddlers to help them develop their balancing and coordination skills. A superb choice for those who had just started walking or those who love to move around. Learn More
  83. IMG_0450 1-resized (2).jpg

    Kitchen Center

    Does your child likes to play pretend cooking as well? This pretend play Kitchen Centre is packed with the essentials of a real kitchen such as utensils and even a mini oven with proper knobs and scales. Learn More
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  84. salad_playset

    Salad Playset

    It's always good to start early when it comes to cultivating a good habit in your child to eat his/her vegetables. And the easiest way to get the message across is when they are enjoying the learning process. This salad set will be a great platform for you to teach your child about the importance of having his/her greens! Learn More
  85. pot_pan_cooking_playset

    Pot & Pan Cooking Playset

    A wooden pot and pan cooking play set that comes with utensils and food products. You will have the opportunity to bond with your child over culinary and food with this cookware set, and witness his/her imaginative skills in the make-believe world! Learn More
  86. Green-Start-Play-Blocks- hop-hop

    Green Start Play Blocks - hop, hop

    Made from recycled materials, this playset comes with a total of 21 play blocks differing in both designs and shapes,coloured in light green, dark green, turquoise, pink and purple. Let your child's imagination go wild with his/her own creations from stacking and putting these blocks together! Learn More
  87. alimrose_snuggle_pancake_bunny_girls

    Alimrose Snuggle Pancake Bunny for Girls

    Dressed in an adorable pink bowtie, this cutie pie of a bunny is here to be your child's new bestie. The Alimrose Snuggle Pancake Bunny comes in two designs, with either grey or pink bow ties. Learn More

    Out of stock

  88. Design-your-own-Stencil-Tote-Bag-2016

    Seedling Stencil Art Tote Bag Kit

    With this kit, you can create and stencil a design that is perfect. Want to help your child create a stylish bag? This is the ultimate kit for creating a lovely accessory. Learn More
  89. Melissa & Doug Tips Ahoy!

    Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit

    Encourage the little scientist to explore with his/her very own science kit. My First Science Kit enables your child to delve into the creative zone and broaden their horizons. The child can learn through curiosity and utilise the correct tools to grow watery crystals, create a beautiful rainbow in a plate, investigate the science behind colours and much much more. Learn More
  90. Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Purse-1

    Dinocodes Tyrannosaurus Rex – Dinosaur DNA

    This unique dino digging kit combines hands-on fun with virtual excitement. Download the Dinocodes app and combine the latest AR technology with Dino Digging. You can watch the amazing dinosaurs come to life through your phone or tablet. Learn More
  91. Lama Blanc Gift Set For Newborn Baby

    Lama Blanc Gift Set For Newborn Baby

    This gift hamper includes a plethora of fantastic presents from Ore Originals. For instance, the Suction Bowl and Plate gift set keeps food where it belongs -- in a bowl and not on your baby. The gift hamper also includes a Lama Blanc, which can make your little one feel secured and loved. Learn More
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  92. Highway Gangster Scooter

    Highway Gangster Scooter

    For children ages five and up, the Highway Gangster is a great present for the upcoming holidays or a birthday. This scooter offers the gift of zoom, letting your child speed from place to place. The variety of colors can speak to your child’s personality. In no time at all, your little one will be racing from place to place. Learn More
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  93.  Tikiri Midnight Dragon Teether

    Tikiri Midnight Dragon Teether

    This blue dragon is made up from soft natural rubber easily squishable and playable by your little one. This midnight blue dragon has soft crinkly wings which the kids will love to pull and play. Presented in a beautiful display box, it is an ideal gift for a new born baby. Learn More
  94. Float Along: Baby Dolpins

    Float Along: Baby Dolpins

    Say hello to one of the friendliest creatures out there yet: three delightful baby dolphins! These little rubbery guys will happily float around in the water with your child while musing themselves with the floating book attached. Blue and beautiful, this clever collection is a must-have for children who like to have a little fun before bath and bed time. Learn More
  95. Alimrose Yvette Unicorn

    Alimrose Yvette Unicorn

    Introducing the most precious and beautiful ballerina unicorn yet; Yvette. Legend has it that she has trained and worked hard every day at Le Unicorn School of Ballet. But despite her efforts, her hooves were proven just too difficult for her to perform, so she retired. Now she can't wait to join your little one back home for chats, fun and hugs. Learn More
  96. Alimrose Yvette Unicorn Squeaker

    Alimrose Yvette Unicorn Squeaker

    If your child likes everything cute and funny, this Yvette Unicorn Squeaker is the perfect item at hand! Not only is she very pretty to look at, but she also makes an adorable squeaking sound whenever she is shaken or squeezed. Great for those moments when you need your little one to be entertained, and wonderfully light to carry around in your travel bag. Learn More
  97. Alimrose Dreaming Daphne Deer

    Alimrose Dreaming Daphne Deer

    Beautiful and elegant, Dreaming Daphne Deer is the prized teddy your little one should keep at their bedside. Sporting a lovely rose on her head, a pretty tutu and golden ballet shoes, our little friend glides across the bed of hopes and dreams as gracefully as can be. The expression on its face will bring calm and peace to your child as Daphne sleeps happily beside them. Learn More
  98. Alimrose Dreaming Daphne Squeaker

    Alimrose Dreaming Daphne Squeaker

    For those times where you wish you could distract or entertain your little one with something while you grab a moment to work on something else, this gift is a true blessing! A little gentle shake or squeeze is all it takes to get this Daphne Deer Squeaker squeaking, and delivering hours of fun to your child. Comes in a beautiful design and lovely pastel colours. Learn More
  99. Alimrose Hannah Ballerina

    Alimrose Hannah Ballerina

    It's all ears for the cutest bunny around; Hannah Ballerina! With a bow tucked under her ear, a lovely little tutu and sparkling silver ballet shoes, it's certain that Hannah is one of the sweetest little ballerinas around. Your child will adore this little bunny as she can prance about and hop along on a wonderful journey all the way to bedtime, a perfect companion indeed! Learn More
  100. Alimrose Baa Baa Blanket

    Alimrose Baa Baa Blanket

    Counting sheep won't be a problem now that your beloved baby can snuggle up to this beautiful blanket. Incredibly soft and made from 100% cotton knit, this blanket is not only pretty to look at but extremely comfortable, like a nice warm cuddle. The perfect gift with adorable sheep grazing peacefully on it. Learn More
  101. Alimrose Pom Pom Blanket

    Alimrose Pom Pom Blanket

    Undoubtedly one of the snuggliest and softest blankets out there to date. This pom pom blanket not only looks cute and stylish with its patterned surface, but is extremely comfortable to the touch and made from 100% cotton knit. The simple colour combination also makes it easy to pair with other colours and clothes your baby wears. An ideal baby shower gift. Learn More
  102. KidzLabs Crystal Science

    KidzLabs Crystal Science

    Let's make thousands of beautifully colored crystals! Your children will have tons of fun watching the crystals grow right in front of their eyes. It can decorate your kid's desk. Don't forget to handle crystals with care as they will break to pieces if they fall off a shelf. Learn More
  103. Elegant Baby Tutu Unicorn Dress

    Elegant Baby Tutu Unicorn Dress

    Has your little girl ever wanted to be a princess? Or perhaps a magical fairy in the woods? Or maybe even a ballerina on stage? Then this dress is just the thing she needs! It has a comfortable cotton tank top with a cute unicorn design and beautiful tutu to add to that sweet girly touch. Perfect for all those special occasions and parties. Learn More
  104. Elegant Baby Bath Wrap - Unicorn

    Elegant Baby Bath Wrap - Unicorn

    Bath time is now a lot more fun thanks to this adorable baby bath wrap! After some fun in the bubbles and water, your little one will enjoy being dried with the soft texture, 100% cotton velour terry material. Incredibly absorbing, insulating and warm, the bath wrap will ensure that your beloved baby is happy and comfortable, like a little magical unicorn would! Learn More

    Out of stock

  105. KidzRobotix Spider Robot

    KidzRobotix Spider Robot

    Is this robotic spider scary? Not really. Your kids can even learn about how electricity and motors worked. They can fit and screw each part perfectly into place. Once it has finished, they can connect the spider to the string and place it on the wall and then switch it on. The spider will then scurries up and down the string all on its own! Learn More
  106. Oribel PortaPlay Forest Friends 2 in 1 Convertible Activity Center

    Oribel PortaPlay Forest Friends 2 in 1 Convertible Activity Center

    Who said babies can't have fun? This phenomenal convertible activity set is the ideal toy that can ensure your little one has plenty of fun in a safe and secure way. Bounce along on the soft, comfortably snug seat, surrounded by toys or switch over to a table where they can do their arts and crafts. For your absolute convenience, it can easily be folded flat, carried around and tucked away until the next use. Learn More
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  107. Elegant Baby  Feather Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths Set

    Elegant Baby Feather Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths Set

    One of the items new parents tend to run out of the quickest is the washcloth. Washcloths are used for so many items, from spills to food. As a gift, these cloths act as a knight in shining armor. Learn More

    Out of stock

  108. Elegant Baby Grey Dots Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths Set

    Elegant Baby Grey Dots Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths Set

    Who says a baby can’t enjoy items with a chic or sophisticated pattern? These washcloths come in a package of three, offering assistance when any new parent needs it. Every parent will appreciate a gift like this. Learn More

    Out of stock

  109. Scientific Explorer Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Lab

    Scientific Explorer Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Lab

    Now your child can explore the deepest darkest caves and tunnels with this incredible Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Lab. Containing 6 awesome glowing activities, including making glow-in-the-dark slime, constructing a man-powered light bulb and making constellations on the ceiling using glow-in-the-dark stars, your little scientist will never run out of ideas for an exhilarating adventure! Learn More
  110. elegant_baby_ballet_bunny_ruffle_dot_blanket

    Elegant Baby Ballet Bunny Ruffle Dot Blanket

    Made from 100% cotton, the soft texture of this blanket will guarantee a snug and merry baby. A great addition to your baby's crib as well, with the mellow grey and white colour combination being a great complement to any style. Learn More
  111. elegant_baby_bathwraps_princess_mousie

    Creative Crafts Glow Friendship Bracelets

    This kit lets young ones make colorful friendship bracelets the easy way. Use one wheel can braid two types of glow-in-the-dark bracelets: flat and round! Create your own special colourful shimmer with your best friends! Learn More
  112. elegant_baby_bathwraps_grey_elephant.jpg

    Elegant Baby - Baby Bathwraps Grey Elephant

    Looking for something that is cute but also elegant at the same time? The Grey Elephant Baby Bathwrap is the one you are looking for: soft, water absorbent, with a lovable elephant hood and tail at the back of the wrap. Learn More

    Out of stock

  113. MW05H Single Swaddle Charcoal Cross - Resized.jpg

    Alimrose Cross Muslin Swaddle

    A minimalist muslin swaddle for your infant, made from 100% cotton and has an incredibly soft texture to ensure that your baby is given only the best and nothing less. Learn More

    Out of stock

  114. Seeding-Design-Out-Loud-Cardboard-Speaker-2-2016

    Seedling Design Out Loud! Speakers

    Design Out Loud Cardboard Speakers are designed for everybody over the age of five. This kit includes speakers, markers, fabric paint, and everything your little one needs to decorate beautiful speakers. Learn More
  115. seeding-colour-the-galaxy-2016

    Seedling The Galaxy

    This inflatable galaxy grows to 40 centimeters and offers markers and instructions. This makes for a fantastic present for the holidays or a festival. It’s time to explore the galaxy from a new perspective, and this offers the perfect opportunity. Learn More
  116. Create-your-own-Designer-Tutu-2016

    Seedling Create Your Designer Tutu

    The little ballet lover in your life can finally put together the perfect costume with this special kit. Our Create Your Own Designer Tutu set comes with tulle, ribbon, pompoms, glitter glue, and much more, all of which allow you to put together a fantastic ballet outfit. This kit is ideal for a child over the age of four. This is a fantastic holiday present. Learn More

    Out of stock

  117. Design-your-own-Superhero-Cape-2016

    Seedling Create Your Superhero Cape

    This kit comes with a plain superhero cape, craft glue, felt sheets, scissors, glitter glue, and more. Put your child’s creativity to the test with this superhero kit. Learn More
  118. Create-your-own-Designer-Dolly-1-2016

    Seedling Create Your Designer Dolly

    Surprise the most beloved little girl in your life with the Create Your Own Designer Dolly, perfect for children ages five and older. This kit comes with a cotton dolly, embroidery thread, fabrics, yarn, and everything else a child needs to put together a doll. This is a toy that truly inspires creativity. Learn More
  119. Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Race Car Bank

    Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Race Car Bank

    Our Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Race Car is the ideal present for the racing fan in your life. What is a better way to share your love of racing than to decorate a car on your own? Learn More
  120. Alphabuild_Hi_Res-resized

    Kid O Alphabuild

    Taking building blocks to the next level, the Alphabuild by Kid O comes with 20 pieces of magnetic blocks that allows for a greater potential to develop your child's creativity. These magnetic blocks are easy to put together and take apart, making play time a more enjoyable experience for both parent and child. Learn More
  121. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block - Jumper

    Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block - Jumper

    Enter Jumper, the clever captain of the Stunt Team! Not only does your child have more vehicles and creations to build with this 25-piece set, but they also have a leader who knows all the amazing stunts. Whether you wish to zoom down the slopes at lightning speed, do fantastic flips or simply drive down the road in a truck, Jumper will have your back and show you just the way to do it! Learn More
  122. Mini_Air_Planes_Group_Hi_Res-resized

    Kid O Mini Airplane

    The vibrant colours of the O Mini Airplane are bound to capture the attention of the inquisitive and active infant. The slim body of the airplane makes it easy for infants to grasp and push them along on the ground or to fly it around in the air. Perfect for stimulating the young child's imagination and motor skills development. Learn More

    Out of stock

  123. Elegant Baby Elephant Rattle

    Elegant Baby Elephant Rattle

    Babies love to have adorable toys to play with, and parents love to take photos of their infants playing with adorable toys. That’s where this elephant rattle comes in. Babies will learn motor coordination skills with this helpful gift. Learn More
  124. elegant_baby_knittie_bitties_princess_mousie

    Elegant Baby Knittie Bitties Princess Mousie

    A 100% cotton, knitted Princess Mousie plushie dressed in a cute tutu and ballerina flats that would be a brilliant gift choice for baby girls. Any parent would be able to put their mind at ease with this cuddly toy around! Learn More
  125. Elegant Baby Patchwork Knit Blanket

    Elegant Baby Patchwork Knit Blanket

    A sophisticated nursery begins with lovely colors, and this knit blanket delivers. As a gift for a new set of parents, this blanket saves the day. It provides cozy warmth every parent wants for their child. Learn More

    Out of stock

  126. MK01016-1-resized (2).jpg

    Rocking Horse

    A sophisticated design that is modern and yet doesn't overshadow the traditional structure of the rocking horse. Not only does it bring fun, it can also help your child to enhance his/her sense of balance and strengthen his/her leg muscles. Learn More
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  127. MK00910 1-resized (2).jpg

    Fire Station Mini Playset

    A simple playset that would be a great tool to help your child understand the dangers of playing with fire, and learn more about the job of being a firefighter. Learn More
  128. pony_alex_rocking_horse_r

    Pony Alex Multifunctional Rocking Horse

    A multifunctional rocking pony that encourages interactive and DIY play, whereby the child can assemble the different toys with others.This 3-in-1 pony is not only a dream toy for toddler, but also for parents - because of the ease of storage and the minimal space it takes up in a room. Learn More
  129. 53pcs-Organic-Farm-playset

    53pcs Organic Farm playset

    This extensive 53-piece organic farm playset is a huge treat to any child! A great way for your child to spend an educational and enjoyable afternoon with you, to discover the farming life and learn about farm animals, fruits and vegetables. Learn More
  130. table_top_fruit_stand

    Table Top Fruit Stand

    Observe as your toddler takes on the roles of a shopkeeper or customer while playing with this wooden fruit stand. This is a good chance for him/her to develop self-mastery and language skills, as he/she would have control over the make-believe situation and learn to think and speak like a shop owner and a customer. Learn More

    Out of stock

  131. alimrose_hannah_bunny_ring_rattle

    Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block - Daredevil

    If you've got a child who loves a bit of adventure, Daredevil is just the toy they need! Get ready to rev up the engine as you drive, fly, jump or do loops in the air and perform incredible feats in this amazing stunt vehicle. With 12 easily detachable magnetic wooden pieces and an inspiration manual packed with great ideas for designing the vehicle you desire, the possibilities for fun are endless! Learn More
  132. Oribel Vertiplay - Tree Top Adventures

    Oribel Vertiplay - Tree Top Adventures

    Where is Mr. Caterpillar heading to? Your child will adore the adventures this little guy has to offer! Follow Mr. Caterpillar as you journey your way down the magnificent tree, bursting with life as you slide swiftly down the mushroom tower, bump into a swing, glide down the slope and land safely down to the bottom. A fun toy that your little one will never be bored of! Learn More
  133. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block - Looper

    Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block - Looper

    Looper has finally arrived and he absolutely cannot wait to show off his newest tricks! As the youngest and most playful member of the Stunt Team, Looper has a lot of adventures to offer. From doing loops to zig-zagging along the walls, and from dipping down low to soaring high up into the sky, Looper is sure to take you on an exciting journey of a lifetime. Learn More
  134. Oribel VertiPlay -The Enchanted Garden - Build Your Own Terrarium

    Oribel VertiPlay -The Enchanted Garden - Build Your Own Terrarium

    Here’s a lovely toy for your child to play where they can boost their creativity and learn at the same time. Simply stick this Enchanted Garden on your wall or your door and let the fun begin. The empty terrarium comes with 27 adorable animal friends and plants specific to spring and autumn. Now your child can create their own terrarium all year long! Learn More
  135. Thinking Kits Princess Magnets

    Thinking Kits Princess Magnets

    What is the favourite of your girls? Definitely princess! This princess magnets set contains over 50 princess magnets and 6 fantasy play scenes. You should send this perfect kit to your lovely girl who is the super fan of princess. Learn More
  136. Janod Activity Table Baby Forest

    Janod Activity Table Baby Forest

    Introducing the Janod Activity Table Baby Forest - a wonderful table packed with boundless activities! Your little one can learn all about tools and how things work through playing with all the gadgets and gizmos, including stackable shapes, turning gears and looping games. Accompanied by the colourful friendly animals of the forest, this activity table will bring your child hours of fun! Learn More
  137. Wonderchild Little Boat Baby Gift Set

    Wonderchild Little Boat Baby Gift Set

    When you shop with Wonderchild Collection, you purchase high-quality items that are perfect for an infant. This baby gift set contains boat-themed items that are comfortable and safe for a new baby. He will love these pants, bibs, washcloths, and other cozy items. Learn More

    Out of stock

  138. baby_tigers_jungle_adventure_book_1

    Baby Tiger's Jungle Adventure Book

    Expose your little one to the wonders of nature through this fun-filled jungle adventure that will spark the creativity in him/her, with the vivid colours and sound effects. Learn More
  139. buzzing_through_book_cover-re

    Buzzing Through Activity Book

    An intriguing activity book that will definitely captivate your child with its vibrant colours and loveable characters. With it being made from soft fabric, your child will be promised not just a fun but also a safe learning experience. Learn More
  140. Janod Story Box - Circus

    Janod Story Box - Circus

    Welcome all to the wonderful world of spectacular performances and fantastic tricks - Janod Story Box Circus! Meet the radiant ringleader and his team; the ferocious lion and the lion-tamer, the amazing acrobats, the mischievous monkey and the clowns that can barely squeeze inside their tiny cars! Your child will surely have hours of fun creating stories with this lovely team. Learn More
  141. Play Draw Create- Trucks

    Play Draw Create- Trucks

    An eco-friendly kit with reusable materials such as write-on/wipe-off pages, magnetic pieces and dry-erase markers, all with the aim of helping to develop your child's imagination. Learn More

    Out of stock

  142. poke_a_dot_alphabet_eye_spy_cover

    Poke - A - Dot- An Alphabet Eye Spy

    Learning the alphabet has never been more fun! Your child will be able to master the alphabets in no times with this fascinating learning book that comes with pokeable buttons that will enhance the learning progress. Learn More
  143. Little Nursery Rhymes

    Little Nursery Rhymes

    A versatile and environmentally-friendly collection of books on nursery rhymes, that also doubles as a stackable toy. These easy-to-carry-around mini books would be the best companions for your kids. Learn More
  144. Sting In The Tail Bathtime Fun

    Sting In The Tail Bathtime Fun

    Select the perfect bathtime toy for the child in your life with this Sting in the Tail Bathtime fun gift set. Select a bus, rocket, boat, submarine, car, or hot air balloon theme to match the child’s interests.
    This fun set also comes with an animal soap, foam toy, and activity shapes, all of which are suitable for children two and older. Learn More
  145. little_vehicle_books_1

    Little Vehicle Books

    An assortment of children's books on vehicles for your curious toddler, which can also be used as little blocks during playtime to let your child demonstrate his creativity and imagination. Learn More
  146. baby_tether-books_I-love-you-all-day-long_001

    Tether Books: I love You All Day Long

    This heartwarming storybook illustrates the undying love every parent has for his/her child, Nothing better to end a long day by saying "I love you" to your child, Learn More
  147. green_start_play_blocks_toot_toot

    Green Start Play Blocks - toot, toot

    An eco-friendly DIY play blocks set which will require your child to construct the play blocks that come in different shapes and designs, from the given flat templates. Definitely a toy worthy of your investment, think of the endless hours of entertainment it will bring your budding toddler! Learn More
  148. Petit Collage Construction Site Floor Puzzle

    Petit Collage Construction Site Floor Puzzle

    Can a building site possibly get more vibrant than this? Get ready to put your hard hats on! This floor puzzle comes in 24 pieces of delight, all contained in an easy-to-carry box for the little ones on the go. Reminiscent of a city packed with activities and excitement, toddlers will love having their adventures here! Learn More
  149. Petit Collage Ocean Life Friends Floor Puzzle

    Petit Collage Ocean Life Friends Floor Puzzle

    Dive into a world of wonder as your little ones piece together this amazing floor puzzle. Watch as they join whales, turtles, octopuses, and other friends on a magical journey into the deep blue ocean. Comes in a convenient box with an easy-grip cotton rope handle, so that you can bring your ocean adventures with you wherever you go. Learn More

    Out of stock

  150. elegant_baby_babys_first_tutu.jpg

    Elegant Baby - Baby's First Tutu

    Imagine how cute a baby girl would look when dressed up in this simply adorable tutu bodysuit, with all the little ruffles at the bottom. It could even bring out the little dancer in her! Learn More
  151. Wonderchild Baby Girl Gift Set

    Wonderchild Baby Girl Gift Set

    We love the Wonderchild Collection, and this baby girl gift set makes an ideal present for any occasion. Each of the 11 pieces is themed with pink and white, creating a lovely collection of gifts. The new baby and parents will love the bib, pants, cap, booties, and more. Learn More

    Out of stock

  152. Large Deer Toy Flower Bouquet - Resized.jpg

    Alimrose Baby Deer in Flower Bouquet

    Standing at 30cm, this Alimrose Baby Deer toy in floral prints is a superb gift choice for newborn baby girls. A sturdy toy that can stand upright but is still soft and baby-friendly at the same time. The vibrancy of the toy will bring out the joviality in your little girl. Learn More

    Out of stock

  153. Janod DIY Fire Truck

    Janod DIY Fire Truck

    When there's a fire, who is there to save the day? Your little hero, of course! With this intricately designed fire engine, your child could now become the best fireman in town! The smoothly painted high-quality wood allows for an easy and comfortable grip, while the detailed parts and vivid colours will help enhance your child's learning and understanding of this very important vehicle. Learn More
  154. Doll House Hamper

    Doll House Hamper

    This hamper, which comes in small and large, is perfect for a little girl who just entered the world. In addition to a keepsake box and picture frame, this set comes with cozy accessories, including a pair of booties for warm feet. The Doll House Hamper also comes with a book, ready for memories to be made. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$519.00

    Special Price HK$399.00

    Out of stock

  155. Family Bus Baby Hamper

    Family Bus Baby Hamper

    This keepsake hamper comes with a lovely box, also suitable as a picture frame. The hamper includes bibs, decorations, and other goodies perfect for a newborn baby and the new parents. It’s great for a baby shower, birthday, or other special event centered on the new bundle of joy. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$589.00

    Special Price HK$409.00

    Out of stock

  156. Yellow School Bus Baby Hamper

    Yellow School Bus Baby Hamper

    This adorable gift hamper is suitable for a little boy or girl who will one day become excited about going to school. This present comes with a book designed to hold on to all those memories as well as a onesie and teddy bear for those cozy moments. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$589.00

    Special Price HK$409.00

    Out of stock

  157. Koala Gift Set for Baby Boy

    Koala Gift Set for Baby Boy

    Modern parents need support as often as they can get it, and being a loving friend or family member may mean that you are looking for the perfect gift. Welcoming a new baby with a gift hamper is a fantastic idea, and this option is a great choice. Your loved one will receive a gift including a teether, soap, rattle, and cozy clothing accessories. Learn More
  158. Create-your-own-Bunny-Mask-2016

    Seedling Create Your Bunny Mask

    Our Create Your Own Bunny Mask is perfect for children ages four and older, and it includes a felt mask, craft glue, glitter glue, felt sheets, and more. Everything you need to create a fun mask is included. Learn More
  159. seeding-colour-the-earth-2016.jpg

    Seedling Colour The Earth

    Seedling Colour The Earth is the perfect present for Christmas, a birthday, or another celebration. The Earth grows to 40 centimeters in diameter, offering plenty of space for colouring and playing. Your child will begin to see the world in an entirely new light. Learn More
  160. seeding-Make-your-own-Snow-Globe-2016

    Seedling Make Snow Globe

    Looking for a fun and exciting activity for the entire family? This Make Your Own Snow Globe kit is perfect for children over the age of six, and it is also a fantastic way to create presents for family members. Learn More
  161. Wonderchild Little Elephant Muslin Blanket

    Wonderchild Little Elephant Muslin Blanket

    The muslin blankets created by Wonderchild Collection are of high-quality. Each one is comfortable and cozy, made for a baby up to six months old. The pattern features adorable elephants that will look great on a newborn baby's bed. Learn More

    Out of stock

  162. Wonderchild Little Heart Muslin Blanket

    Wonderchild Little Heart Muslin Blanket

    We love this small heart muslin blanket, which contains an adorable pattern. Learn More

    Out of stock

  163. Kinetic Sand  Neon Sand - Assortment

    Kinetic Sand Neon Sand - Assortment

    Kinetic sand is the ultimate challenge for a child's creativity and imagination! This neon pink kinetic sand is one that children will surely adore, especially girls, who can finally build their very own dream castle! Learn More

    Out of stock

  164. Melissa & Doug Vehicles Peg Puzzle

    Melissa & Doug Vehicles Peg Puzzle

    The Melissa & Doug Vehicles Peg Puzzle offers hours of fun for the child in your life. Your child will have fun placing the fireplace, school bus, motorcycle, trucks, and cars in place. Mental stimulation is important for a small child, and this is exactly the puzzle to do it. Learn More

    Out of stock

  165. Melissa & Doug Vehicles Sticker Pad

    Melissa & Doug Vehicles Sticker Pad

    Melissa & Doug Vehicles Sticker Pad provides a creative outlet during a festival, Christmas, or birthday celebration. Stickers are fun and exciting for little ones, no matter the occasion. These stickers happen to be shaped like vehicles, which makes them the perfect present for the young transportation lover in your life. Learn More

    Out of stock

  166. Kinetic ACK Theme Pack Set -Ice Cream Set

    Kinetic ACK Theme Pack Set -Ice Cream Set

    Many kids are natural-born chefs and pastry chefs. With the right tools, they can create delectable delicacies. This kinetic sand ice-cream set will provide kids with a chance to taste the pleasure of making ice-cream. Why not let your friends try the finished products? Learn More

    Out of stock

  167. Kinetic Sand Box Set (Sand Box & Tools - 1lb)

    Kinetic Sand Box Set (Sand Box & Tools - 1lb)

    This kinetic sand set includes a huge kinetic sand tray and a variety of marine creature-shaped molds. It stimulates your child's creativity to the max and allows them to build an extraordinary sea world from scratch! Learn More

    Out of stock

  168. ore_originals_baby_deer_sippy_cup_front.jpg

    Ore Originals Baby Deer Sippy Cup

    This sippy cup comes in the design of a deer family and their forest friends. It can serve as a multifunctional cup when the lid is removed, as a normal cup or perhaps even a fruit or snack container. Learn More
  169. ore_originals_baby_deer_divided_suction_plate

    Ore Originals Baby Deer Divided Tableware Set

    Follow mummy and baby deer on their little forest adventure, along with their friends: hedgehog, bunny and squirrel. Getting your child to finish up his/her food, especially the greens, will surely be an easy feat! Learn More

    Out of stock

  170. ore_originals_numbers_childrens_sliverware_set

    Ore Originals Numbers Silverware Set

    The perfect silverware set for little mathematics geniuses! let them learn 1,2,3 earlier using this number silverware set. Learn More

    Out of stock

  171. Melissa & Doug Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set

    Melissa & Doug Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set

    Melissa & Doug Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set is a fantastic Christmas, birthday, or festival present for the young baker in your life. Decorating cupcakes is a fantastic pastime, even for little ones. This kit will encourage children to put their artistic steps forward. Learn More

    Out of stock

  172. Fred & Friends Koi Toy

    Fred & Friends Koi Toy

    Making your child’s bath fun is essential for making parenting simple. Simply put this fishy toy in the bathtub and watch your child’s eyes light up with excitement. The koi will light up when it hits the water, making for a huge splash (and the cure for some of your parenting woes). This bath toy is phthalate free and changes color in the water. Learn More

    Out of stock

  173. Fred & Friends Stache Sticks

    Fred & Friends Stache Sticks

    Do you find yourself failing when you attempt to use chopsticks to eat? You aren’t alone. That’s why these stache sticks are so helpful. They look like fun, but they are all about function. The hinge allows you to hold your favorite foods, preventing them from falling back to your plate, and the silicone material allows you to wash them in the dishwasher. Learn More
  174. Janod Magnetibook Animals

    Janod Magnetibook Animals

    Enjoy an exciting trip to the farm and zoo… at the comfort of your own home! Now your child can discover all about the different animals by diving deep into the magnetibook box. Recreate their favourite animals with the help of the beautifully illustrated model cards or create their own funny animal hybrids with the help of the various magnetic pieces. Learn More
  175. Children's Kitchen Unit - 1.jpg

    Children's Kitchen Unit

    Nothing is cuter than seeing your toddler with a mini kitchen that is at his/her own size. Check out this retro kitchen counter that comes with a sink, a stove top, storage cupboard and even a washing machine, all packed in this awesome toy! Learn More
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  176. Melissa & Doug Wooden Cutting Fruit Set

    Janod Magnetic World Puzzle (English Edition)

    For all the little travellers who can't wait to explore, here is the perfect map for you! With 92 magnets, each representing a country or a region in the world, this vibrant illustrated map is just the best mixture of learning and fun. The colour coded regions help you and your child to happily locate where each piece should go, and when you have finished, you can easily hang your beautiful completed map on your wall. Learn More
  177. MK01054 1-resized (2).jpg

    Ride-on Shape Sorter - Zebra

    A educational and innovative shape sorter that is also a riding toy for your toddler, a practical toy that will facilitate an enjoyable learning experience. Learn More
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  178. MK03089 3-resized (2).jpg

    Wooden Penguin Puzzle blocks

    A wooden penguin puzzle that can be played stacked up or laid on a flat surface. With this puzzle toy, you would be able to encourage and guide your child towards becoming a more patient and determined individual. Learn More
  179. fred_friends_chill_baby_lil_lager_bottle_2

    Fred & Friends Chill Baby Lil Lager Bottle

    You might feel like this product is a bit risque, but it’s not as controversial as it looks. This little bottle may look like alcohol meant for a baby, but it’s actually just a regular baby bottle on the inside. Feel free to fill this bottle with milk, water, or juice for your infant and watch people’s eyes light up with concern. Save this gift for the friend with a good sense of humor! Learn More
  180. Janod Megnetibook Tell The Time

    Janod Megnetibook Tell The Time

    Teach your little ones how to tell the time with this amazing magnetibook! Open up the book to create scenarios and let them know the schedule of the day with the adorable charaters and colourful props. This wonderfully compact space-saving gift can also be closed and tucked away, ideal for the long journey rides and boring waiting times. Learn More
  181. N10007P Sonny Bunny Rattle Pink - Resized.jpg

    Janod Magnetibook Racers

    Travelling with your child and looking for something to keep them occupied? This magnetibook is perfect for the occasion! Your child will learn all about the different vehicles on the road while having fun playing with these colourful magnets of vehicle parts. Will he reconstruct one displayed on the model cards or will he create his very own super car? The choice is in your hands! Learn More
  182. Ore Originals Little Adventurer Tableware Set

    Ore Originals Little Adventurer Tableware Set

    Using a divided plate is a necessary transition stage for every child. While the different pictures in each section does help to entertain your child, such a division would also allow him/her to understand the different kinds of food he/she is eating. Learn More
  183. Doctors Dress Up Costume

    Doctors Dress Up Costume

    Doctor Dress Up Costume is designed to fit most children from 3 to 8 years of age. It is a great way to help your aspiring child to feel and behave like a real doctor during his pretend playtime. The set includes a white doctor’s coat and all the important doctors’ instruments in plastic, which allow kids to evoke creativity and fun in a pretend play. Learn More

    Out of stock

  184. Construction Dress Up Worker Costume

    Construction Dress Up Worker Costume

    Dress up Construction Worker Costume will help your child to to feel like a real construction worker dressed up in his yellow nylon vest. The real like construction worker hat and tool belt can make the pretend play feel real. Everything needed by your little builder right from a hammer, saw, pliers and screwdriver is a part of this kit. A great way to foster creativity and confidence in the kids. The costume is designed to fit children from age 3 to 8 years. Learn More

    Out of stock

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