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Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

One of the most important Chinese holidays is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which it also one of the most vibrant and magnificent celebrations of the year.


Streets are decked out with colourful streamers and lanterns that puts the city inthe festive mood, from traditional lanterns to modern creative pieces of different shapes and sizes, even of cartoon characters!The Fire Dragon and Lion dances are exclusive traditional performances that are not to be missed during this festive occasion.


Mid-Autumn Festival is also another time of the year whereby people arrange get-togethers so as to spend more time with their loved ones. In fact, it is a must to havefamily gatherings or reunions held during this traditional Chinese festival, as the full moon during Mid-Autumn is seen to symbolise completeness and harmony. During this occasion, people typically gather together to catch up on one another’s lives,marvel at the beauty of the full moon, while savouring some delectable mooncakes with a cup of fragrant tea under the soft moonlight.


Be it a large reunion with your extended relatives or justa small one within you own immediate family, a gift hamper would be a perfect treat for everyone this holiday. With us around, your gift this holiday is guaranteed to be an exceptional one that everyone is bound to enjoy and remember.


Whether you are looking to gift traditional mooncakes or something more extravagant, such as wine or champagne, Gift Something will surely have something in-store for you.


Our Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers selection includes gift baskets with mooncakes, fruits, or both! The heavenly mooncakes in our hampers are specially selected from famous brands such as Kee Wah Bakery, Shangri-La Hotel, The Peninsular Hong Kong, and Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.Aside from hampers with mooncakes, we also offer other excellent baskets filled with gourmet snacks, tea, and fruits! Take your pick!


Other than your families, sending a Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper to your friends or even colleagues is a remarkable way to show your appreciation of them, and the recognition of the important roles they play in your lives. Also, good things ought to be shared, right?A hamper is always a great gift to bring to a gathering, or an office party!


At Gift Something, we provide customisation services that will help you put together the hampers of your desire. Your recipients will surely be pleased to bits!


Should you have any enquiries or require our assistance in any way, do feel free to contact our amiable staff at (+852) 2730 0885 or (+852) 2730 0839. Alternatively, you can always drop us an email at [email protected].


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